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Monday, January 11, 2010

I Want: Green Neck Warmer

I like that scarves keep my neck warm, but I hate that they have the long ends with get caught in car doors and create extra bulk inside my coat. This stylish Green Neck Warmer from Vogue Knitting would solve that problem. My neck would be toasty but there would be no tails to create problems.

Now I won't have to go through multiple scarves in a season because they got ripped or stained by grease and road debris. Thank goodness there's venues who have thought to save the day with ideas like this. I owe them big time!

1 comment:

BleuRoo said...

Ohh, purty purty! I wish I lived where it was acceptable to spend oodles of money on sweet winter wear, but alas I would get very little use out of it....