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Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Bubble Bath Day

Any excuse to celebrate is good enough for me and today's "holiday" is one I can totally get into. It's National Bubble Bath Day! Weather it's a long soak after a hard day of work or a dip in the tub to pamper oneself before a big date, bubble baths are one of life's greatest pleasures. A girl can never have too many options when it comes to her bubble baths. I would like to share with you today my recipe for a perfect bubble bath.

One Part Bath Soak:

Solstice Scents on Etsy offers some of the most tempting bath soaks I've seen in a very long time. The blends from Solstice Scents are phalate free and a moisturizing mixture of dea sea salts, coconut milk, and oatmeal. Paired with wonderful scents such as Lemon Pink Sugar, Victorian Tea Room, and Spiced Cranberry and Spruce, there is sure to be a Relaxing Bath Soak scent for every palate.

One Part Bubble Bar:

I found this gem from Flowering Tree Botanicals on Etsy. I am a sucker for foody scents and Flowering Tree offers a nice variety of yummy dessert scents such as Chocolate Fudge and Pumpkin Spice. Twilight Fan? Flowering Tree has a line of Twilight inspired bath products such as the Alice Bubble Bar, a mixture of Lady of the Night orchids and wild honeysuckle. The bubble bars are a whopping 6oz, enough for more than one delightful soak.

One Part Scrub:

To pamper your skin while you soak in bubbly delight check out these delicious scrubs from Villainess. Smooch! is a moisturizing scrub packed with grape-seed oil, shea and cocoa butters, and coconut oils to hydrate, and raw sugars or sea salt to exfoliate. Villainess offers a vast line of delectable scents such as Paradise Misplaced: creamy coconut, mango, and crisp green tea. Villainess also offers seasonal scents such as Frostbite, described as jasmine and lily of the valley frozen with fir and green apple. An incisive bite of citrus, and a chilling wooden core.

Add another part of relaxation and pampering and fill with hot water and there you have it, the perfect recipe to celebrate National Bubble Bath Day in Style.


The Handmade Guru said...

Great post! I invited Solstice to participate in our black boxes so hopefully they will do that shortly!

I have to say too that the bubble bar from Flowering tree looks like a giant chocolate flavored cookie. I thought it was food! Yum!

Alisha L. said...

That would be amazing if they did, I would love to try their products!

BleuRoo said...

Isn't every day bubble bath day?!? It is around here.
The Villainess site has to be one of the raddest sites I've ever seen, I could get lost there....

Ricki said...

I had no clue there was a Bubble Bath Day. I wish my tub worked (I make sure, though, to go to my parents a few times a month just to use one of their tubs).

annie said...

I will definetly be checking these places out! good post!

Heather said...

Great post!

orangepflege said...

WoW! that looks great.
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