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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby, it's COLD outside!

Anyone who lives in the Midwest and is suffering through this Arctic cold snap (not to mention the piles of snow) we've got right definitely has my sympathies. Tonight, I bring you handmade goodness to help combat the cold - things to warm you up and keep you warm!

When it's this cold outside, I enjoy sipping on a steaming mug of hot tea or hot cocoa. My finds on Etsy tonight made my mouth water! For starters, check out the variety of hot cocoa mixes offered by tetoncocoacompany. I would personally choose my favorite flavor - hazelnut. You can order cocoa in 1 lb, 1/2 pound or even sampler packets! What flavor would you order?

Of course, you need marshmallows for your hot cocoa! TheFoodSnob offers a few different flavors. Don't these chocolate swirl marshmallows make your mouth water?! You can also choose from vanilla or peppermint.

My feet are always cold, even if it's 90 degrees outside. So, slippers are to me like shoes are to many other women. There's so many adorable crocheted slippers out on Etsy. This pair, from piccoladonna2006 is one of my favorites. Sadly, she is closing her shop, so now is the time to check out her offerings! She's got a half-price sale going, too.

Finally, who doesn't love to cozy under a snuggly blanket or afghan to keep toasty? Etsy is a great place to find handmade blankets & afghans of all sizes. I personally like this afghan from Crafty Crocheting. I love everything purple!

Now that I've shared some of my favorite things that I use to keep warm - how about you? Got any tips or secrets to share with us? I'd love to hear!


Vanessa said...

Awesome finds! I'm embarrassed to admit that I love my snuggie! I bet Etsy makes a version of this, they would be super easy to make!

Ricki said...

That hot chocolate looks amazing (and I am one of those people in the midwest with piles (OK, 5 in) of snow).

Heather said...

Vanessa - No worries. I actually have a Snuggie, too!

Ricki - 5 inches? LOL...come to MN. ;)

BleuRoo said...

Those slippers look uber comfy, like grandmas afghan to wrap around your feet! And I'm not a huge marshmallow lover, but I'll be damned if my mouth didn't start watering looking at those beauties :)

Alisha L. said...

Total drool at that hot chocolate! Those slippers are super cute too! They look warm.

Paige said...

that hot chocolate looks amazing!!!! and so do those marshmallows. i may have to buy some! lovely cozy warm picks!!