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Friday, July 31, 2009

Bin Hog

I've been having to travel a lot lately which is great for me. Not so great for family. I even had the chance to show off my Bin Hog luggage handle wrap that I got last year. I'm so proud of that luggage handle wrap.

Someone actually stopped me in the Atlanta airport last month and asked me where I got the one that was on my carry on suitcase and I proudly got to tell them all about Etsy and about The Little Black Box. I even made sure it talked about it loud enough for the people sitting around me to hear. I'm just rude like that...

If you don't have a luggage handle wrap from Bin Hog you're missing out - big time!

Simply Sentimental

I'm totally digging this card and because I've done nothing but talk positive about Simply Sentimental for the past year I won't go on and on about how wonderful the shop is. If you're missing someone this card will certainly do the trick when you send them a personalized card.

Let's just say that if you need stationery or anything custom made in the paper department this is for sure the shop you need to head straight for. The owner is amazing, creative, and wonderful.

I can't wait to see what's in store for the holiday season!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Theme: Ducks

My campers this week are performing the musical Honk, Jr., which is the story of the Ugly Duckling, so I decided to see what non-ugly duckling stuff was out there on Etsy.

Sailorgirl Jewelry

If you're like me and love whimsical and fun then you'll be head over heels for my latest find.

At Sailorgirl Jewelry you'll find handmade glass pieces that are used as components for amazingly unique jewelry. I like that this shop has some really bright colorful pieces for sale. If you're a pink girl then you'll find something pink but if blue is really where you think it's at then you'll for sure find something blue. Having a variety of colors and pieces really is a good idea.

In particular, I'm little crazy for these electric green granny smith earrings. Each bead is 4 - 8 layers of glass. Around layer 3, the bead is rolled in fine silver leaf, then encased in more glass. When the bead is large it's mashed flat so that the silver disperses. This is what gives the beads the shimmering transparency that will light up a room and bring you oodles of compliments.

I'll rock paper scissor you for them, ok?

So Stinking Sweet

The worst part about planning a vacation is that I see stuff online that I really want to purchase but can't because I'm saving money to leave town. Dang that!

I suppose until then I can dream about future baths with So Stinking Sweet soaps. These soaps are so stinking cute! I find it truly hard to believe that they aren't loaded with sales. We must get the word out about this shop. Let's go guru's in training, get out those pocket books!

Hands off the Berry Bewitching Brew soap. That one is mine, but I'm sure you'll find something equally as nice for yourself. There's so many to drool over. Go crazy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Snail Mail Pals is in the Box!

A year ago, I discovered Swap-Bot which is a totally awesome site where you can join swaps around the world. It is so much fun to send things out and get mail! However, you have to make sure that you clearly identify yourself in your packages or your partner will not know who it is from, or even which swap it was. Snail Mail Pals, one of the companies in the July TLBB (which goes on sale Friday!) has plenty of cute goodies to help you with that (many of them kawaii, which is a huge area on SB). I think the Hedgehog Address Labels are my favorite, but I also like the Fortune Cookie ones. I am thinking I might have to order some new address labels.

Mrs.Tattooedgeeks Handmade

I'm not sure what came first, love or lust. It doesn't usually happen so quickly but when I was introduced to Mrs. Tattooedgeeks Handmade there was this instant connection that made me want to become the bestest of friends forever with the shop owner.

In this shop you'll find soy candles as well as unique gifts and novelties. You're lying to yourself if you say you don't absolutely want to try one of their soy candles. I have my eye on the Red Velvet Cupcake scented ones.

Awww, when cuteness attacks this must be what it feels like! I think I'll take a little bit of everything and I'm sure most of you will agree with me on that!

Mia Sophia

One of my most favorite followers on Twitter owns Midnight Creations. She also also happens to be one of my most favorite sewers. Midnight Creations is an amazing shop and you're truly missing out if you haven't checked out the goods there. I asked around for some business suggestions on blog features and she highly suggested Mia Sophia and I'm just tickled that she did.

Mia Sophia is the proud creator of this gorg purity of heart sterling silver ring. Adorable ain't it? This little ring features a hand formed fine silver heart on a sterling silver band.

Each ring is made to order so every heart is one of a kind. I form them from silver clay so each heart will have it's own little, unique features. The heart measures a little over one quarter of an inch.

So many cute things! Thanks for sharing Midnight Creations!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3 Things I Would Buy From emdesigns

My new favorite show of the summer is Warehouse 13 on Syfy (why did they change the spelling?). Although it is about arcane artifacts that the government wants to recover, there are some steampunk elements to the gadgets the agents use – like, my favorite, the computer that Artie uses with the typewriter keypad. Aside from a paperdoll and an issue of Make magazine (because Craft is no more), I have absolutely really steampunk, but I did discover this steampunk store called emdesigns. She has a ton of fabulous steampunk accessories for men and women, but here are three that I liked the best and would so buy if I had the money:

Just Wright Boutique

My gal at Just Wright Boutique is almost as smart as can be. She sponsored our June Little Black Box and also snagged the top spot for advertising through the rest of the holiday season. That's pretty stinkin' smart! Visit our advertisers not only because they support The Handmade Guru, but also because you'd be a fool to not see what sort of out of this world goodies they have ready to purchase.

Thankfully for you Just Wright Boutique also happens to have a fabulous new website and some pretty darn cute stuff in stock. I happen to know a friend of a friend who's expecting a little baby boy here in a few weeks and I think this personalized baby keepsake would be just perfect for her.

The frame is included in the purchase allowing it to be hassle free for gift giving. It's that extra bit of thought that goes a long way in my book. Such a cute online shop!

Whiff and Sniff Candles Sale

The joy about having a blog is that I'm allowed to shill whatever I'd like to you all. Ahh! So wonderful!

I leave tomorrow on a little business trip and if I plan on actually eating on my trip I must made some dough. That means Whiff and Sniff has to have a sale! Today only buy 12 shooters and get 6 free! That's 18 total! You get 18 shooters for only $10 plus shipping and handling. All orders made today will ship tomorrow.

Don't miss out!

Monday, July 27, 2009

I Want: Wall Clock – The Magic Green Bike

I was just noticing that the only wall clock I have in my house is my fiancĂ©’s Camero one in the basement. Yes, it keeps time (although it is an hour off since he never reset it for daylight savings), but it is just not my thing. What I would like is something completely unique like The Magic Green Bike Wall Clock from Roadside. I love the air of fantasy and whimsy the picture portrays. And doesn’t it look 3D? It’s not; it’s 2D. As explained in the item description, she photographs original 3D cut paper works and then prints them out using a special program printer that retains the 3D look. This would look so cool hanging on my wall.

Molecular Muse

I'm a bit of a science geek. Science was my 1st true love before I somehow made my way into the world of handmade. I took loads of science courses in highschool and college and one day long long ago I wanted to major in Geology. Somehow Molecular Biology was my real true love and I submersed myself in that and now here I sit writing about the Molecular Muse.

It's funny how one can go from one extreme to the next but alas I did and now I'm head over heels for this simple shop. The owner, turned artist from scientist. Can't say I blame them. Art is such a beautiful and freeing thing.

My favorite item in the whole shop is the estrogen based molecule earrings. It's only fitting since a majority of the readers are female don't you think? So simple. So femine. I love them!

Nature's Art

Those of you who have been following me since the beginning of time know that I'm a sucker for black licorice scented products. When I found Nature's Art I started scrolling along looking at all the yummy bath and body products and then out of nowhere I found the most important one.

This black licorice scented soap is heavily scented with anise oils to make it truly drool worthy. I'm not one to say no to something this delish so I immediately added to my list of favorites in hopes that sometime soon I'll be able to come back to make a purchase.

I suppose if you want to steal this I'll cross my fingers that there will be another for sale when I come back later!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quick Hello

I just wanted to post a quick hello to introduce myself. If you were active on The Little Black Box forums, you probably know me already. For those of you who don't, my name is Ricki and I will be helping Kim by telling you about more of the handmade goodness that is out there. I plan on starting to post regularly next week. See you then!

Least Likely 2 Breed

You've been warned. This post may go to places I've never gone before. Hang on. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Where on earth can you get a $6 hand job? Good question and truthfully as wrong as that sounds this product speaks for it's self. At Least Likely 2 Breed you'll find the most amazing $6 hand job I've ever come across. Never quite seen a product so uniquely named that people might just purchase for the sake of purchasing a hand job.

This hand balm will work wonders for those of you with rough and or dry hands. Moisturize those babies! Thank goodness for products like this. I'm not sure what I would do without my hand job.

Bliss Candles

It's funny how school starts back here in just a few weeks. I mean, August 10th will be here before I know it and I'm seriously doing back flips just thinking about it. The best part of the whole thing is that next Wednesday I'm going out of town and I'll be gone a week so it'll go by even quicker. I must sound terrible. I love my boys. I really truly do. Being cramped up in a house all day for 2 and a half months is not my idea of a good time though.

Back to school time means Fall is near. Fall means yummy burning candles. I do love my wickless candles but jar candles are just as great and the ones from Bliss Candles are really calling my name. Bliss Candles has over 200+ fragrances and I can't even figure out which one I'd want if I made a purchase so I'll take them all and weed out the ones I don't like easily.

Such a sweet smelling shop!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kathy Estep

I'm pretty sure that I've blogged about Kathy Estep before but if I haven't then I'm an absolute fool because the jewelry in this Etsy shop is pretty much amazing.

I'm particularly a big fan of a certain bracelet that's for sale. The color combination of the glass beads sure allows for it to really pop and we all know that I'm a huge fan of the color aqua so that may be another reason that I'm head over heels for this particular piece.

Show your love for handmade by checking out the rest of the amazing creations by Kathy Estep.

Uniques Stitches

One of my most favorite black box buyers recently wrote me about an Etsy shop that she had made a purchase from called Unique Stitches. She told me all about their wonderful customer service and also about how much she loved her bag. I even got to hear about how people in her place of work were complimenting her all about the bag that she had purchased.

I love hearing all about handmade success stories. I especially love knowing that people are buying handmade and are spreading the word by showing off what they buy and telling people about how important it is to make those handmade purchases.

I had to take a peek at Unique Stitches and I adore the little zipper pouches. These are just perfect for keeping the little things that big hand bags swallow safe. Great fabric choices too!

Thanks for the tip Lisa!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sudsy Mugsy

I was hungry this morning. I took Connor to the grocery store in hopes of finding stuff to make cupcakes. I got then there and decided that cupcakes were out of the question. I've worked so hard on getting back into shape that I couldn't break my streak and needed to not cave. Yep, that's right I've gone down 6 pant sizes since April!

Instead I wandered home and found Sudsy Mugsy. Their bath bomb cupcakes will hold me over in my time of need! In particular you can even build your own by making a simple purchase right from their store. You get to pick your scent and frosting colors!

Pink all the way and I'll have mine Birthday Cake scented!

Tomate d' Epingles

It's about time for my little angels to head back to school. I wish August 10th would hurry up and arrive!

At Tomate d' Epingles I'm reminded of just how badly I want that day to arrive because of their super duper cool pencil studs. The two pieces even work, so, if you are in a hurry and need to jot something down these earrings might come in handy one day.

There's something extra cool about recycled jewelry, don't you think? Check this shop out!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Studio JK

Last year I purchased these amazing vinyl letters to use on teacher's gifts for my twin boys. I created pencil jars as holiday gifts that were custom to them. The jars went over quite well and are as we speak, sitting on the desks of both teachers. I think total I spent $10 dollars each on a jar at Michael's and for the vinyl decal from Studio JK. Now it's a memory of my child in that particular class forever.

Recently I found a set of kitchen labels in the same shop that I think I want too! You get 6 labels for only $15 (jar not included) and you can pick from a list that she has all set up. You even get to pick what color you want the print to be! Help all those in your household see the correct place to put kitchen items away by labeling those containers! Directly apply label to the front of your containers for instant recognition!

I had a blast doing the pencil jars and I get this would be just as easy. Spruce up that kitchen of yours!


I should never venture into Savor because every single time I do there's something I want. The problem with wanting and needing is that I'm saving for a trip I have to take next week and I don't need the things that I really want to buy!

Take this Nanaimo bar looking soap for instance. It appears to be sold out and I promise that it wasn't me that bought! I pinkie blog swear! I want one of these pretty badly. I'm hoping that she lists more so that I can stare it down and count enough pennies to buy it.

This soap is special! The bottom layer, which represents the graham cracker crust, is an olive oil and shea butter blend combined with ground vanilla bean and ground apricot kernel. The middle layer is a thick spread of shea butter soap. The top is finished with a mouthwatering "chocolate" olive oil soap, representing the way a real Nanaimo bar is coated with chocolate on top.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ample Goddess Jewelry

I love me some pink. I especially love pink accessories which is why I think that you'll be pretty supportive of my decision to feature something super pink from Ample Goddess Jewelry.

These Pink Turquoise earrings are seriously cute. Now, you might be asking yourself how in the world is there such thing as pink turquoise? You're right! I actually had to do a little big of Google action to make sure I was educating myself and you correctly. The seller refers to these stones as chalk turquoise which is correct. Chalk turquoise is a softer, lower grade turquoise that must be stabilized before being used in jewelry. When most vendors label a stone as "Chalk turquoise" they mean that it's a dyed simulation of turquoise. Case closed!

There you have it! Total cuteness no matter what they are called!

Handmade Highway

Yesterday I had a bit of a networking day. I had a bunch of brand spankin' new black box contributors sign up and I also had massive amounts of fun on Twitter. I have the best followers. I also follow some pretty neato folks too.

Out of nowhere I got an email from Lori, at the Handmade Highway, introducing herself and what she does with her fascinating blog. Basically it's a dynamic directory of handmade sellers giving users 1-click access to handmade shops, products, pictures, location, seller contact info, and availability for wholesale, consignment, bulk discounts, custom work and availability for blog features and giveaways.

In layman's terms, if you're a blog, a sample box business, a wholesaler, or someone looking for a giveaway you can wander over to the Handmade Highway and search based on what you're looking for. No more sending out mass emails! It's like one stop shopping. I love this!

Being listed on the blog is super easy too. Just contact Lori at handmadehighway@gmail.com and she'll give you the exact info on participation and then you're good to go. Yay!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Heathen's Hearth

Be still my heart.

Apparently the latest fad in the way of bath and body is those cool sugar cube scrub thingamabobs. I have yet to try them but it seems like all the cool companies are starting to carry them which means that sooner or later I'll be forced into trying them. I say forced like I'm sad about it. Hah!

At Heathen's Hearth, thank you heartsabustin, I found some strawberry cream cubes. They have combined their best all natural goats milk soap with the purest skin loving shea butter and gently exfoliating white sugar to bring you this special treat. It sure does look like a treat! I'd almost be fooled into believing I could eat them!

Just take 1 cube into the shower with you, and use it just the way you would a bar of soap. As you use it, the shea butter soap cleanses your skin, while the shea butter provides all over moisture, and the sugar granules gently exfoliate your skin. Then TADA - you can thank me later.


This morning I'm going to be working my behind off on Little Black Box stuff. Stuff is picking up for September - December but August is bleak so I need to work my tail off in hopes that I'll get some new contributors for all of my amazing box subscribers. I'm twittering all day so stop by and say hello. It'll make my day!

Savor suggested I take a peek at Tissage this morning and I immediately fell in love with this green glass necklace. It reminds me of a handful of green grapes! Totally adorable! The necklace features antiqued brass chain and moss green glass teardrops.

It doesn't hurt that Tissage hails from my favorite place in the whole world, Seattle, either. Don't miss out on this amazing shop full of magical things.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

British Cream Tea

Ok, this find isn't necessarily something I would particularly have a need for but I'd be a fool to not share the cuteness that this shop contains. You can thank me later. Oh, and if you don't mark the entire shop as a favorite you seriously should consider getting your head checked.

At British Cream Tea you'll find original, hand sewn, life size sculptures of British food, all made from 100% recycled felt. Yes, you heard that right. Felt. Food. My favorite low fat luxury. No packing on the pounds here. Only spending a few pounds.. get it? Pounds? British? Ahh, nevermind.

I'll take a cupcake and and this ice lolly that reminds me of my childhood. Yep, true fact! I spent some time in England because my dad was in the air force and I've actually consumed some of these sweet treats. Yum!

Shimmer Shoppe

I'm a big candle person. Candles candle everywhere. The cooler the candle the better. Which reminds me.. I'm looking for a big huge Black Licorice scented jar candle. If you have one for sell or know where I can get an amazingly strong one please let me know.

Now, back to where I was going with this.. Shimmer Shoppe. Shimmer Shoppe is where you'll find all things sparkly and as a woman I sure do love sparkles! I adore the votive and tealight candle holders in this shop. They would be so perfect for my main bathroom.

Bathrooms always need a little pizazz because guests spend a majority of time in there and these would be a perfect addition to any home.

Monday, July 13, 2009


There's Sasquatch and then there's Craftsquatch. Both are interesting but ones a little less scary and also a little bit more fun. The only reason you'll be running away from Craftsquatch is because you're afraid of spending too much money.

In this shop you'll find the geekiest of pillows. Whether it's a Twitter or a Rss Feed pillow that captures you're heart you'll find something that pulls your inner geek out and let's you sleep a little bit better at night.

I bet my newest obsession iJustine would adore a Twitter pillow or two. That'd be great marketing for this shop. They should totally contact her and see if she'd plug these because her obsession with Twitter is completely unhealthy.. or not!


Epically Epic Soap Co.

Hey all my little zebra lovers! Boy do I have something fun for you!

At Epically Epic Soap Co. yesterday I discovered these epically cool zebra looking olive oil soaps. They are so pretty! I wish I had one in my hands so I could just stare at it. Often I find that soap makers can never truly create a black soap but this one looks just right. It's scented by Sandalwood, Virginian Cedar and Lemongrass pure essential oils which is a bonus for those earthy types!

I should also warn you that there's this delicious looking Neapolitan looking bar that makes my mouth water. It's a lot like Whiff and Sniff Candle's Neapolitan looking scent shooter and I bet is equally as drool worthy.

Friday, July 10, 2009

KAH Couture

I found out a few days ago that my friend is having a baby boy soon. It's almost baby shower time so I've been on the hunt for unique baby items that aren't your typical run of the bill baby shower items.

See, that's what we all should be doing. Don't buy off the registry! Find something completely cool and so completely different that when the mother to be is opening gifts and gets to yours everyone watching will be floored that you found something so awesome. It's what I do plus it'll give you major points with everyone in the room.

At KAH Couture you'll find these fabric covered wipe containers that go in the mommy's diaper bag. I had one of these, not from this particular shop, and everywhere I went people were asking me where I got it. Diaper changing doesn't have to be dirty anymore when you can be stylish with stuff like this.

Your Lips But Better

Oh, so yesterday I went to check the mail and inside was this tiny envelope from a business I didn't recognize. I opened it up and was so excited to see that it contained two lip balms and a tiny soap sample. I was thrilled because I love surprises and this was exactly the type of surprise I needed.

At Your Lips But Better you'll find some fabulous tasting stuff for your lips. Why buy store bought balms with ingredients you can't even pronounce when you can buy wholesome hand made balms which are good for your skin?

The balm I liked the most was mocha flavored. It tasted great and most importantly I could actually feel the coverage when I have it on. Sometimes handmade balms are too greasy for my liking but this stuff rocks!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just Peachy

At Just Peachy you'll find an eclectic mix of mod and vintage jewelry. I'm really digging the vintage look right now and perhaps that's why I bookmarked almost every other piece in this whole shop.

When I saw their Sea Water Droplet necklace I was immediately drawn in. The green jade stone reminds me of clear tropical oceans or places that I wish I was at right this second. I need a vacation somewhere on a secluded beach - just me and my man. I'd totally bring this necklace with me because it'd fit in with the surroundings just perfectly. Again, like always, I'd want a longer chain. For some reason I prefer the pendants to hang right between my breasts. I think there's something sexy about it and alluring. Maybe it's all in my head!

Either way, it'll be mine shortly!

Bread and Bager

Months ago I saw this picture of a girl drinking out of a pint glass with a mustache etched into it. It was like the glass and I just had this instant connection and right away I marked it as a favorite and moved on. I'm not sure why I didn't write about Bread and Bager and their unique glass etching the next day, but here I am today to share this really fun store with you.

Let's get back to that mustache pint glass. Can one get more creative then this? The picture still makes me giggle. You can get a variety of items etched on to your glasses but this mustache is such a guys guy glass. You just know that when people open up your cupboard to grab a glass they are going to reach right for this one because it's so fun.

I want!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Amalia Versaci Design

Ever had a zipper break? You go to zip up your favorite pair of expensive jeans and the pull on your zipper busts off. Or you're sliding into that little black dress of yours and it gets caught in the fabric and won't budge. I hate that.

At Amalia Versaci Designs the designer is making a little dough off her love for the run of the mill zipper. Who would have thought that you could make seriously cool jewelry from vintage zippers? I didn't!

Check out these stud earrings made with matching vintage 'invisible zipper' slides in a bubblegum-like pink. The best part of these particular pair is that they have dangling pulls so I bet they sway when you move.


Monsterbug Blankets

Once again I've found baby stuff. I got to knock this off! Maybe it's a sign? Then again this morning during my pool workout there were a handful of screaming kids that reminded me that babies are so not the answer.

Guess I'll have to keep showing off all the cool things that I find in hopes that someone reading will fall instantly in love with my find and purchase it before I have the chance to. *cough* *Vanessa* *cough*

At Monsterbug Blankets there's this neato baby blanket made from Alexander Henry's Yui Kokeshi fabric in pink. It's so Gwen Stefani! Even better is that you can have the blanket made in a variety of sizes with the same fabric so I can even have one made for me! Thank Goodness! This is just too cute!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anastassia Designs

I totally need some new jewelry for a little pick me up. I needed something fabu that would make me want to make a buck or two so that I could purchase something so amazing and I think I found it.

Anastassia Designs puts the summer spice into the jewelry designs currently for sale in their shop. Seriously, if you can't find something here that makes you want to dance with a fruity cocktail in your hand then I don't know what to tell you. It's summer! Get funky with something like the Tres Bon earrings. I adore them! Once again I've found something that your friends will inquire about and you'd be just silly to not drool over these beauts!

Hands off!

Traci*s Collectibles

I don't know about you all but my fridge is covered with some pretty cool magnets that I've collected over the years. Some are even possibly as old as I am. There are some magnets on my fridge that I've also collected since I started The Little Black Box venture that remind me of certain businesses. Such great memories!

At Traci*s Collectibles you can purchase some truly one of a kind magnets for your own fridge. Personally, I'm loving the 1980's style Strawberry Shortcake cereal magnet. Such a great memory! I loved Strawberry Shortcake and had all sorts of Strawberry Shortcake items but never a cool magnet! Thank goodness for this shop!

Take a peek around and see if there's anything else that sparks a memory for you.


I recently was browsing the Etsy forums and found a thread talking about minors running Etsy shops. I was pleasantly surprised by just how many shops there are on Etsy that are being ran by the parents of young artists. Bravo parents! This is just too refreshing!

I found Auddities and was consumed with how clever the artist was. Everyone needs a great bookmark - even me! Yes, I do read when I'm not slaving away over handmade stuff. There is this one of a kind bookmark at Auddities that I think is really girly and very me. For only $5 plus a little shipping I could have this and so could you.

Support Etsy minors!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Blessed Beads

My fabu moderator on The Little Black Box forum, which is now closed, recently emailed me and told me that her mother had opened an Etsy shop. Yay! Way to keep handmade in the family!

At Blessed Beads you'll find eyeglass holders, lanyards, key chains, and rosary bracelets. I especially think that the lanyard would come in handy because we have a community pool that the boys like to sometimes play in. There's this electronic credit card looking thing that you need to open the gate to the pool and I'm always wishing I had something to hang around my neck so that the thing doesn't get lost. With one of these I'd be stylin' plus I'd always know where my darn key is.

Great shop!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Baby Momo

Sometimes when I stumble upon baby shops I yearn for another baby. There's so many cute things that I find these days and really no one to buy the things for. That's why it's my new mission to have all of you start making those babies so I can buy adorable things from Baby Momo for you.

For instance, check out Chenille Cupcake burp clothes! Huge! Seriously, buy handmade for the baby gifts you need to purchase. There's some serious unique things on Etsy that will for sure make you the hit of the party. The other guests will be insanely jealous that you found something so great that they'll want to know where you found the items. It's such great advertising for the handmade community as well.

So major!

The Paper Addict

I'll be honest, the reason why I noticed this particular shop is because I think their avatar is super clever. You'll have to go take a peek at it if you want to see what I'm talking about.

The Paper Addict is a place to buy card sets and paper products, naturally. I mean, it's called the Paper Addict isn't it? One can never have enough black notecards or giftcards on hand. Think about all the times you've needed one and had to run to the store. Now times that by 10 and you have my life. Welcome to it! I'm always keeping my eye out for fun stuff to have on hand for moments just like I mentioned.

There's the perfect little card set that comes with 12 blank cards and 12 envelopes. You will receive 2 each green, brown, blue, aqua, fuschia, & cream envelopes and 12 different card designs. Great set to have on hand for fun notes to friends or coworkers. Some of the card interiors are colored and some are plain white. For only $10 plus shipping you can't go wrong!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lulu Bug Jewelry

The best part about summer is all the wonderful, sweet, fruits that are available for purchase. We have this rule in our house that my boys can eat all they want but it has to be fruits that they are devouring. They are 7 and growing like crazy. I swear, they are going to eat me out of house and home, and while this is going on my fridge will look like a fruit stand.

Lulu Bug Jewelry was recently a featured seller on Etsy and I was introduced to their super cute jewelry designs at that time. In particular, she has the more darling little fruit designs. I love the cherry pendant. This pendant is made from silver and inlaid with tinted concrete. It's so dainty and looks really nice on the model on the listing.

Now I want one.

Lucky Lucy

I must be hungry this morning because I've been looking at all my food shops this morning. There is truly some mouth watering stuff for sale and I'm pretty sure I finally decided that I must try some chocolates from Lucky Lucy in order to cure this craving.

Both the Butterscotch Caramel truffles and the Key Lime Pie truffles sound so delightful. I'd literally have to flip a coin in order to determine which one of these babies to purchase. I just know that once I got them home though that I'd only get one while the rest of the house hold dives into the box.

Boo to them for being truffle stealers. What would you buy?