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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Buy My Crap

There's this cute avatar running rapid through the Etsy forums that makes me giggle whenever I see it. I mean, who uses a roll of toilet paper as an avatar these days? Well, Buy My Crap does!

At Buy My Crap you'll find a large array of resin created items. In particular there's some really neat looking rings. I'm loving the Phoenix ring, and not only because I currently reside in the Greater Phoenix area. I love this ring because of the vibrant purple and pink colors! Depending on the light, this little beauty changes color from flaming orange to bright fuchsia pink. The Lovely dark blue resin complements this piece and really adds dramatic flare.

Lord knows I need a little flare in my life.

A Breathe of French Air

Soaps come in all different shapes, styles, and sizes. They vary in color and scent even. It wasn't until this weekend though that I found that that soap can be made into what appears to be, popcorn!

A Breathe of French Air sells fresh popped popcorn soap and it looks so real! These popcorn kernels will not only leave your skin clean and soft, they are a blast to use! Children love to eat popcorn, so why not have them bathe with popcorn!

Each container of popcorn soap contains about 40 pieces of popcorn which weighs about 4 oz's total. You can even pick the scent you want your popcorn to be scented in. I don't know about you but I'd pick the popcorn scent just to throw a real twist into it. Hmm, I wonder if that'd smell good or not?

Now all I need is a good movie.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Double Dipped Sweets

I'm sort of bummed that I didn't find this really super cool caramel apple from Double Dipped Sweets sooner. Dang me and my not so great hunting skills!

Haven't you always wanted a 4th of July caramel apple? This Granny Smith apple is coated in rich, creamy caramel. Then, they use dyed white chocolate to create the effect of the American Flag! Also, for your 4th of July celebration Double Dipped Sweets can create mini apples with this look for your party.

I'm pretty pumped for 4th of July as it's one of my most favorite holidays. I'd be even more excited if I was back home in Seattle for this holiday because back there you can have all the fun illegal fireworks and burn down your neighborhood..

You know I'm joking, right?

Flutterby Beauty

Well, The Little Black Box got pretty spoiled this month. We had a ton of new businesses join us but I think the one that you'll be most excited to sample will perhaps be Flutterby Beauty.

Two boxes overflowing with sample bags arrived here last Monday, right before my trip to the east coast, and I got to play with some of the stuff that was in the bags. Included for me was also a goody bag containing exactly what the samplers will get but in a larger portion. I can't tell you how excited I was! First, I couldn't find a lotion container that was under 3oz's in my house to bring in my carry on and when I opened the bag to find a lotion in Strawberry Fields I was completely stoked.

My most favorite item in the package was actually the scrub sample in Wakey Wakey. This scent is described as a triple threat of citrus (blood orange, grapefruit, and lime) and tart green apple sweetened with a hint of juicy pineapple that’s sure to get you going in the morning. It's pretty much one of my most favorite new scents. It's just that good. The scrub isn't half bad either. It's totally going to give my other favorite scrub companies a real run for their money. If you're a scrub nut like I am then you'll for sure want to take a peek at this one.

Best part of this whole review is that going on now, 15% off your order plus $5 dollar flat rate shipping. If you're international you'll get $5 off your shipping. Use coupon code: OPENING at checkout for your discount.

Don't miss out on this amazing new bath and body business!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bye Bye Project Wonderful

I returned home from vacation thoroughly disgusted with Project Wonderful and decided it was time to do away with it. Bye bye!

Now, I have 5 spots available over there in the right hand side of blog that are available for purchase. The cost for the top spot is $20 a month and the rest are $10 dollars and when purchased you hold the spot for one whole month. Payments can be sent to kim@thelittleblackboxes.com and I will need a banner ad that measures 125px by 125px as well as a link to where you want your banner directed to.

I think this will work out much better for those who wanted to advertise but didn't want to deal with Project Wonderful and I also think it will save those who hate the whole bidding thing a bunch less hassle.

Check you later PW - I didn't love you anyhow!

Handmade's Going Out of Business

Bah. I just read that another one of my handmade businesses is going out of business. Not MY business but a handmade one and because it's a handmade one I consider it my love child.

Because of the economy people are having such a trouble and trying time staying afloat. We all are. Believe me, things have slowed to almost a halt on pretty much every front - even for The Little Black Box. People are still ordering. People are still emailing. It's just that those who once purchased are not purchasing now because bills come before luxury items. It's sad.

All I have to say about this subject is that if you are indeed a lover of all things handmade please get out those debit cards and support the businesses you do admire and love. As business owners they aren't going to say just how badly they may or may not be hurting but here I am to tell you that many.. many are. Look to your favorite jewelry, stationery, bath and body business and see if there's something.. even a little something, that you can pick up. A little goes a long way!

Support handmade! Support the little guy! Tell them I sent you.

Viva Handmade!

Monday, June 22, 2009


That's right beautiful people. I'm on vacation all this week. No blog love for me although I will attempt to find a minute or two to stop in and say hello. Don't fall out of love with me while I'm gone though. Sometimes a girl just needs to leave the beautiful state of Arizona and head to some place different which is where I'm at.

Mucho kisses from me to you!

Friday, June 19, 2009


I was recently introduced to this amazingly funny card shop on the net called PigSpigot. Pigspigot is an online, user-generated greeting card company that will allow customers to send both e-cards and snail-mail cards to friends and family. They like to think of themselves as a sort of anti-Hallmark with a wiki twist.

The whole thing is pretty clever, just like the cards that are available. Whether it's a birthday, an apology, or a holiday you are sure to find something so unique that you have to make that purchase. Shipping is even included in the $3.99 rate and that's a steal considering a Hallmark card is just about the same.

Sweet deal!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Super Secret Sale Info

Hi faithful readers!

I want to let you in on a little info that the rest of the world won't know about until tomorrow. Whiff and Sniff Candles, my husband's little venture, is having a sale tomorrow. Usually you can purchase a 12 pack of his scent shooters for 10 dollars plus shipping and handling but tomorrow you can get a 12 pack for 8 bucks. 8. Dollars. That's insane!

If you go to the big brand candle stores in your local mall you won't be able to walk out the door without paying $2 each per scent and here he's offering 12 scents for only $8. I'm so proud.

Wait, what's wickless? Duh! Of course you don't know what wickless is... only because it's my job to impress you with all the most coolest stuff on the net. These candles that Whiff and Sniff is offering do not have a wick. Yep, no wick. So, how do you burn them then? Easy!

You will need a candle burner like the one pictured right.. over.. there. That white thing.

You will also need a tealight (or 100 to get you through your new addiction) that goes inside the burner. You light that and it warms the bowl above. The bowl is where you put your wax. In the case of my these wickless scent shooters, you pop the wax out of the plastic cup that they come in and put the wax into the bowl. The bowl gets really hot from the flame on the tealight and melts the wax in the bowl releasing the fragrance. The tealight burns for hours and after it goes out the wax will get hard. Usually I stick the whole thing in the freezer for 5 minutes when I'm ready to change scents and AFTER the wax has gone from liquid to solid. When I pull it out of the freezer the hard wax will just slide out of the bowl so that I can then do a different scent.

Wickless candles are SO fun! It's especially great for people who like to change up scents often. Now, don't be a fool and stop by tomorrow to purchase something that is sure to make your hubby ask what's baking.


I can NEVER find my car keys. Never ever. I don't know what my deal is but I always try to come home and put them right on the kitchen counter but then when I need to leave again they are gone. I think it's time for a fun key rack. This way my keys will always be in the same place.

Smashgirl is this fun mosaic shop that completely made me smile when I stumbled upon it and started browsing all the cool things in it's inventory. I think this key rack will fit in just perfectly in my home. It matches the colors of my home exactly and has that funky fun feel that I live by.

If you're a mosaic lover then you won't want to miss this shop.

Two Chicks Too

Growing up, whenever my mom made a turkey or a chicken she'd sit the wishbone up on the window sill in the sunlight for it to dry out. Then my brother and I would wait patiently for it to dry so that we could wish with all our might in hopes that when we break it the larger piece of the bone would be in our finger tips. I think he won most of the time. I hope his wishes came true.

At Two Chicks Too I found this amazing wishbone necklace. This wishbone is handmade with 14 gauge sterling silver wire. It is lightly oxidized and polished and is hung from a 16 inch sterling silver chain with a sterling silver clasp. The pendant is 1 1/2 inches long.

I love it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Purpose Design

It's summer time and with summer comes bbq's and back yard get togethers. At least in our home it does!

Purpose Design offers this gourmet spice rub and bbq kit that looks drool worthy. Each kit comes with 8 savory and exotic rubs that will have you wanting to fire up the grill every night! These rubs are not commercial mixes, but hand blended in small batches by the owner of Purpose Design. Each kit includes serving suggestions on the ingredients insert.

For only $16 plus shipping this is such a steal!

Beach Grass Cottage

Being that I'm from the Seattle area I'm sort of one of those people who can't imagine being too far away from the water. I crave it. It's who I am. The only water I see here in Phoenix is the pool and I swear one day again I'll be located near the water.

Thankfully for me there's plenty of cool things that I can purchase that will fulfill me desire to be by a coast again. Beach Grass Cottage is the place to find hand designed beach glass and seashell mirrors, frames, and wreaths, all created by artist Shari Curtiss. Her signature pieces include a starfish mirror, sea glass frames, sea glass mirrors, and beautifully designed beachy wreaths.

I'm all over this shell mirror. So much time must have went into it. It's absolutely perfect in every single way and one day when I'm rich and famous I will have a piece like this from Beach Grass Cottage hanging on my wall.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Burnt Mill Candles and Soaps

Check out my newest little pretty.

This soap from Burnt Mill Candles and Soaps is so brightly colored. I'd almost be afraid to wash with it because soon it'd be no more and I wouldn't have it in my collection to show off. I'm not even kidding, I actually have soap that's too pretty to use. How ridiculous is that?!

Thankfully for me it sounds like they have a whole bunch of Blk. Raspberry Vanilla charcoal soap so that if I do purchase some and use it I can come back for more.

Which soap do you think look the coolest?

Woodworking & Recycled Bicycle Parts

I'll never understand for the life of me why Etsy decides to feature artists that provide products for men the week before Father's Day. It just doesn't make sense. Yesterday they were featuring Woodworking and Recycled Bicycle Parts by Julien Jaborska and I was so impressed I went to take a look only to see that the whole shop was cleared out.

I had to go take a look at the sold items to even get an idea of what the shop sold. I mean, I could get a good idea based on the shop banner but you fall even more in love once you actually started browsing the pages of sold stuff.

The belts made from bike tires are off the hook! This hybrid tread one would absolutely have made a perfect get for my guy. Actually, it'd be perfect for many men in my life. My little brother would adore it and get much love from it.

I hope more inventory gets added really soon!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mia Mallows

Well, it's been a week now and my internet connection is still not stable. Right when we think it's better it goes to worse. I haven't been this angry about something in a long time. I can't run The Little Black Box, Handmade Guru and help Mike with Whiff and Sniff if it takes 20 minutes to load a page. I can't even help him with the 25 click and ships that need to be done for his candles.

Instead I will dream of food.

Mia Mallows is a new Etsy business that I was introduced to the other day while I was browsing the forums. I'm not a marshmallow type of gal but these look outrageous and I think many of you are. They are flavored marshmallows which might make them a bit easier for me to swallow. I think I'd start off with the berry flavored ones and move on to something else. They look delicious which is why I just had to share them with you all this morning.

Crossing my fingers that when I publish this it doesn't take 45 minutes to post.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bovine Bubbles and Hogwash

I'm never one to refuse a scrub. I'm a self professed scruboholic and there's just nothing you can do about it otherwise.

I found these cool shower scrub cubes at Bovine Bubbles and Hogwash and I really want to give these a try. These individual cubes of solid skin conditioner are used after you cleanse and rinse. Each cube gently exfoliates & polishes your skin to a healthy conditioned glow. Made with dead sea salts, oatmeal and pure unrefined chocolaty cocoa butter.

These look like SO much fun! I just want a big container of these that I can squish up all over the place and have fun with.

I heart this.

It's Made At Home

Phew, the internet is back! It's been horrible since Tuesday. I couldn't much at all and attempting to run 3 separate businesses when it takes 15-20 minutes to load each page just wasn't working for me. I wanted to scream!

No fear, we're golden now and I need to catch up on some blog love. It's Made At Home prides itself with making fun nontoxic art supplies for children and grown ups alike. All items listed are made in their own kitchen with all natural ingredients. These will be safe toys for your kiddies - no need to worry. Children with wheat allergies shouldn't play with Original Homemade Playdough as it contains flour and could cause allergic reactions. However, they do have a new wheat and gluten free option. Look for the *WHEAT FREE* listings if this is a concern for you.

I love how colorful the pictures are. I really truly want to just play with this stuff and since it's summer time it'd be a perfect indoor activity that will help you keep your sanity.. unless you're like me and will stress out the entire time about the stuff ending up in your carpet!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Major Internet Issues

Sorry guys. The blog can't be updated because it literally took me 5 hours for this to post. I have no idea what's going on but my internet people were here and it's harder to fix then what they know how to do so they've escalated the issue to someone who can fix it.

Bah! I'll be back when I can be back and actually attempt to do something other then twitter and briefly see the Etsy forums.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bellina Designs

Summer is full of special occasions and celebrations - weddings, graduations, barbecues, and all sorts of events where jewelry can spice up your outfit AND make a great gift for the honoree or hostess!

I'm surprised that I didn't find Bellina Designs sooner. Mostly because I think almost every single piece in this shop would fit perfectly on my favorites list. Each piece is very brightly colored but oh so simple at the exact same time.

How about this wood and turquoise bracelet? This 8 1/2 inch bracelet features chalk turquoise coin-shaped beads alternating with oval tiger ebony wood beads. It closes with a sterling silver toggle clasp and is accented by silver seed beads.


Bangerang Bake Shop

Hold onto those debit cards ladies. This is going to be one of those moments that you'll most likely cave but I don't blame you one bit!

One of my friends is having a birthday in a few days and I asked this friend what their favorite cake flavor was and I was told Red Velvet Cake. Hmm.. where could I get something that would knock their socks off and also support handmade? Bangerang Bake shop of course!

This 100% Scharffen Berger cocoa red velvet cupcake is Bangerang's attack against bland, dry, plain old red velvet cake! It's also Bangerang's number 1 more ordered cupcake and I can really see why. It looks delicious! Sure, maybe it cost me a pretty penny to get just one cupcake and have it shipped, only 14 dollars, but my friend will be so happy and it's his birthday so it was worth it!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Patriotic Parfait - You know you want one!

Whiff and Sniff Candles, aka my husband's new bread and butter, delivered these personally to my desk this morning for the June Little Black Boxes. Tell me these are cool?! He wants to do rasta ones. Hey, whatever his freak flag wants to fly!

The red is She's My Cherry Pie. The white is Gateau de Vanille. The blue is No Guilt. He's called his creations Patriotic Parfait. Creative much?! He must get it from me!

I'm so proud of my little bug.

Here a Yart There a Yart Everywhere a Yart Yart

Etsy's biggest yard is taking place soon! Mark your calender's now and if you are personally participating contact me so I can add to you the list of participants.

Harborside Treasures Designs

I miss home a lot. I ran into a couple this morning at the pool during my morning workout and the woman was from Mercer Island, WA which is basically a suburb of Seattle. We were talking about all the stuff that we both missed and while we were talking I was reminded of this awesome shop on Etsy that is located almost in my backyard back in Washington State.

Harborside Treasures Designs can be found in Blaine, WA which is the town right on the board of Canada and the US. It's so small that if you blink you'll miss it. Thankfully I didn't miss the shop during my search because I've grown attached to their knotted line necklace.

Several feet of sterling wire have been hand woven, into and around itself and polished to a gleam. Creating these classic knots with a modern twist and a nautical texture.

The "Knotted Line" hangs on an 18" sterling silver twisted rope chain. The knot itself measures 1/2 of an inch wide and is 3/4 of an inch long.

I heart this.

Daisyrose Sweet Boutique

Oh do I have something for those of you with little girls! Or maybe you can just pull something like this off as an adult. Who am I to judge?

Daisyrose Sweet Boutique has the craziest cool hair clips. All of these hair accessories are sure to bring a smile to you or anyone who wears them! Most importantly they have been made with premium quality supplies and are COMPLETELY hand-made by the owner of the shop. No sweat shop stuff here!

The popsicle and cotton candy clips are just too much! I can totally see little girls all over sporting these and I can already hear all the compliments that you parents would get when someone sees them.

What a creative idea!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cupcake Social

Wow, I just found the coolest shop ever. This shop is especially neato if you're a baker and like to put some extra added effort into your creations.

Cupcake Social has just about every single cupcake liner you could ever imagine. You'll even find cupcake decorations such as sprinkles, edible flowers, and candy rocks. You also can't forget to check out the crazy toppers. Mine in particular is the little boom box topper. Too funny!

The worst thing about this shop is that you have to look at photo after photo of cupcakes which has now left me wishing I had a delicious vanilla smothered in frosting.

Dang you Cupcake Social!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Whiff and Sniff Candles Reopens Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day for Whiff and Sniff Candles! Everything is stocked up and ready to roll out the door! I've been adding listings on Etsy and people are already ordering. It's insane! 2 sales!

Every sale that is placed between yesterday and tomorrow evening will be entered into a hat to win a free $10 dollar Whiff and Sniff gift certificate. You can even use it right then and there and get a bunch of stuff added to your order before it leaves here.

Please remember that we only ship Monday- Wednesday because of the extreme Arizona heat. Take a peek at our scent list. It will actually be growing even more by tomorrow! If you haven't tried Emerald City Cake our original world famous custom blend you just must!

Grateful Tulip

School is officially out in my household and suddenly my home has been taken over by multiple 7 year olds wanting to play. Guess what boys? This is a place of business, not a place of play! Big bad mommy just spent the last 30 minutes rushing extra kids out so that I could work in peace. How many more months until school starts again? Oh right, 2!

Well, at least I have something cool too look forward to when it does finally arrive. Shopping for teacher's gifts again! I found these really cool name plates that can sit on the teacher's desk at the Grateful Tulip that I think would make any teacher, young or old, proud!

This little beauty is 12" x 3.5" and displays the name of your choosing.

It has been hand painted, distressed, sanded and sealed. It is the perfect size to sit on a shelf, counter, desk, etc. make sure your child's teacher knows he/she is special with this custom made piece.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Melissa's Handcrafted Soap

This past month Little Black Box lovers got to sample some extremely wonderful bath and body businesses. There were quite a few samples from soap companies and each one was very different in style. I think I could easily say that they would be no competition to each other either because they sold very different type stuff.

Melissa's Handcrafted Soap on Etsy was one of the businesses that have stood out to me in the past box. The business packed their promos nicely and also allowed their samplers to try a larger piece of soap instead of a small sliver like many bath and body businesses usually do. I always stress to the contributors that the box buyers like a little bit more then 1oz to try and this business really listened.

On top of all the packaging and size hoopla the soaps smelled really nice too. My favorite was Caffeine Buzz scent. I'm very pleased overall and those of you soap gurus should take a gander at the shop to see if anything catches your eye! With only 8 sales under their belt, Melissa's Handcrafted Soap needs some positive feedback!

Naked Jewelry

I've never been much of a bracelet gal but recently I found Naked Jewelry and my mind is almost changed.

I think if I'm going to start wearing bracelets then I need to purchase the bangle type ones. Not the thick tight ones. I would be uncomfortable as heck. Thankfully for me Naked Jewelry has these exact bracelets for sale and I think they are quite possibly the nicest bangles I've ever seen.

This trendy bangle set is created from uniquely hand-hammered sterling silver; each with a beautiful tube set faceted stone including a 5mm smoky quartz and 4mm yellow citrine and white topaz. As a three-set, these bangles are priced at a great discount than if bought separately and the stones are paired to enhance the set.

Don't look at the price though. It's not for the faint of heart. Just remember that what you get here is quality and quality goes a long way.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beau Monde Boutique

So Rasta!

I'm a giant, big, huge, like super super large fan of Gwen Stefani and No Doubt. Those of you turning your noses up should carry on. She's my fave. I support her L.A.M.B clothing line and wish that I was blessed with making stupid amounts of money so that I could afford to be one of her little minions and own everything she creates. Alas, I can't so I have to settle with purchasing things that I think have a good No Doubt feel.

I was directed to Beau Monde Boutique about a month ago from someone following me on Twitter and I loved a specific pair of earrings but when I went to write about the pair of earrings they were sold already! Someone else must have loved them equally as much as me.

So, with that said I offer you these very neat threaded earrings. These are so cool!

Bespangled Jewelry

At last summer has arrived. The kids are out of school and things are going scheduled to plan. They are actually swimming around in the pool as we speak thanks for my wonderful mother in law.

With summer here many of us are changing accessories and the colors that we wear. I know I am! Sticking with my less is more attitude, I fell in love today. Bespangled Jewelry has a really amazing necklace that I wouldn't mind wearing around my neck. That's a hint for all you admirers out there!

The colors, to me, represent water which is what my whole summer is surrounded with. It also reminds me back home and being near the beautiful Puget Sound. I adore this! Bespangled Jewelry is also a new Etsy shop so show them some support!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Last week I was hanging out here online with my buddy Eric and we were talking about all of the really cool handmade shops and that's when he brought Moonpads to my attention. I've never seen anything like this and I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to think about it.

Obviously reusable menstrual pads must have a market because this shop has made over 2 thousand sales but I personally do not think I could bring myself to using a product like this. That is why I'm asking those of you who DO use this type of product to tell me what you like about it so much. If I were to convert tell me why I should besides the obvious reasons.

I think it's a clever idea but it also kind of gives me the icks. Am I alone? Oh, and let me stress that it's not the shop that gives me the crawls it's the idea and that's just for me personally. I can see that many people are ok with using such a product. I just think this shop has such a following and I want to see if any of my readers here use these and why.

Jac Jewelry Moving Sale

Man, I disappear for the weekend and things almost come to a halt around here. Can't let that happen again!

One of my most favorite jewelry designers Jac Jewelry is having a fabulous moving sale. I was lucky enough to learn of the details before all of you. It starts today and here are the deets.

Happy summer! Hope you are doing very well. While most of you are packing your bags and going on vacation, we, the jaC family, are packing up and moving from the quaint Durham, NC to the busy New York, NY!

Thankfully, movers are taking just about everything, but I wouldn't trust them with over 130 finished jaC Jewelry pieces! Instead of transporting them to NY, I'd love to send them to as many of my wonderful customers as possible! I am having a sale that is the biggest yet! Are you ready to hear the deals I am offering? Here they are:

Get 10% off when you buy 1 item; 15% off on 2 items; 20% off on 3 items; 25% off on 4 items or more!

The discount does not apply to the Clearance and Supplies sections. This is the first sale of its kind, and there is no telling when I will hold another one, so you definitely want to take advantage of these prices! Now is a great time to pick up new summer pieces for yourself or purchase a few gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Simply complete your purchase in my shop, pay via PayPal, and I will refund the discount amount right back to you! Or let me know which pieces you'd like to purchase, and I will adjust the price for you. The sale starts today and will end on Sunday, June 7.

Click here to start shopping!