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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wordless Weekend - Turquoise

Wire wrapped ring by Simply Wired

Modular Messenger by Bayan Hippo

Bedside Owl by Gypsy and Twink

Friday, May 29, 2009

Designed by RJ

I own a few pairs of earrings from Designed by RJ and I love them so very much. I actually wore my pair of color theory earrings yesterday and that is what reminded me today to take a stop back by the shop to see if there was anything else being offered at this time that I really needed to have.

It was a huge mistake going to take a peek because I pretty much wanted everything I saw, but in particular my heart beats for this blue coin pearl necklace. The blue color just pops right off the screen and makes me want it so badly. Secretly I want it because it'd also look super cute on with my bathing suit!

So much to want and so little money. Dang you economy! I shake my fist at you!


The reason for my late blogs today is because my baby brother Rob is officially here from Seattle. He moved here and transferred all his college credits and now calls Phoenix his home. He'll be staying at my dad's house until he finds a place to live and this morning the I packed up the twins and headed that way to spend the day with the family. Sometimes I need to take a break and boy was it much needed.

Now I need a shower and and some really quality lotion to rub into my overly sunned skin. Too bad I didn't plan for this earlier otherwise I would have purchased some luscious bath and body goodies from Lollibomb.

Their birthday cake vegan body frosting looks like something that my skin is totally calling for right now. I'm a big foody scent type of girl too so this would perfectly hit the spot.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coinilingus and Indie 5

I've posted this before but early last year and I just saw the video again and I HAD to share it again because I was laughing really hard when I saw it for the 2nd time.

Drama Queen

After being in the pool for most of the morning I started thinking about bathing suits again. There are really some awfully cute bathing suits out there but I'm starting to believe that in order to wear one you must be under the age of 18 without a drop of cellulite on your body or some kind of celebrity with a 3 hour a day 7 day a week work out schedule.

I found some super cute bathing suits at Drama Queen to share and they are pretty stinkin' nice. Weather you're looking for something sporty or sultry to hit the beach or pool with you're sure to find something here. Although a little pricey you have to remember that the suits are custom to your body size. All you need to do is send over your measurements and if the correct ones are given it will come ready to fit your body perfectly.

So hot!

Christen Largent Metalsmith

Sometimes things happen in funny ways. I've been a pretty big fan of the items created by Christen Largent Metalsmith and have favorited many items for the past year and it wasn't until this weekend that I learned that this designer is actually the sister of Kate, from Jon and Kate Plus 8. I almost had a mini heart attack! How fabulous is that?!

She has many numerous comments about it over on the Etsy forums but has since had the moderators remove such comments because of all the drama going on surrounding the family and I'm sure see can appreciate not having any of it rained down on her parade.

The reason why I'm even mentioning the connection is because I think it's important to point out how successful her shop is without having your face plastered all over the place. She isn't using the fact of who her sister is to promote her shop and that's a very cool thing in my book.

Now about this Mother In Any Language pendant? I die!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beat Black

Beat Black participated in the Little Black Box early last year and recently I found them again and bookmarked their fabulous shop. There's so many quarky items that must be shouted out that I'd be a fool to not share them with all my friends here.

When I was a kid I always wanted to have one best friend I could run out and buy one of those best friend necklaces for. I'd wear mine and she'd wear hers and forever and ever we'd be the bestest of friends. Problem was, that I was too outgoing for my own good and couldn't ever just settle on one best friend. I had to have many.

Thanks to Beat Black you can purchase this fun Peanut Butter and Jelly necklace to shout your friendship from the roof tops. Now, don't go fighting over who gets to be the peanut butter and who gets the jelly because that will just get sticky - no pun intended. Wear your half proud and support handmade and friendships!

Pumpkin Girl

For some people graduation has already come and gone but for many grads high school is still a few weeks away so it's not too late to take advantage of the cool handmade greeting cards available on the many handmade websites.

Particularly I love a certain card from Pumpkin Girl. Congratulate that brainy wordsmith or fierce scrabble competitor on graduation day with this fun Scrabble card. Perfect for any graduate!

The card is blank on the inside and printed on bright white recycled cardstock. The card measures 4 X 5.5 and also comes with a recycled linen envelope. It's priced at only $2 and is much more reasonable then any greeting card you'd find at any major retailer.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May Little Black Box Feedback

I just got the kindest email from Dawn L. I had to share it with because if you have yet to purchase a Little Black Box now is the time! The boxes are flowing with goodies and there's SO much bath and body this month!

Just had to let you know how thrilled I am with my little black box! Just got my order a few minutes ago and loved, loved, loved everything.It was so exciting to open and see all the wonderful products, I am definitely going to be ordering again.What a great idea also for someone that is hard to buy for. Thanks again for offering such a wonderful service. Dawn L.

Thanks Dawn! I appreciate all the kind words and I absolutely love feedback like this! It makes my job so much more worthwhile especially since I love what I'm doing!


I have a new favorite and comes in the form of a deep rich purple and cream colored soap from Intention.

Please Berry Me is officially a staple of mine. I've been holding this to my nose for the past hour and as it sits on my desk to the right of me I keep looking down at it wanting to unwrap it just so I can take another sniff.

Intention twittered me the other day wanting to do a last minute addition to the May Little Black Boxes and they followed through in the biggest way. There's three variety's of soaps and those lucky enough to get one will be more then thrilled! However, I'm snagging a bar of my new staple because I'd be a real fool not too!

Check out this Etsy shop for other amazing finds!

Win $25 Dollars For Reading and Commenting!

Today and running through June 15th I will be keeping a running track of blog entry comments and that person with the most comments (of substance) will win $25 to be paid via PayPal from me to them! (Comments on older entries ARE allowed!)

We did this last month and it was a huge hit and our winner was Debbie P.

You can do whatever you want with your money you don't have to spend it on the site. You don't have to spend it on handmade, although you know you want to!

Giveaways from Handmade Businesses during this contest welcome!

Let's put some steam back into the blog. Go Handmade Guru!

Say hello if you're reading! Give me the steam to continue! :P

Pink Bow Bath Boutique

No, your eyes aren't fooling you. This really truly does smell as good as you think it would!

Pink Bow Bath Boutique hails from sunny Phoenix, Arizona just like me! They are also a staple in the past Little Black Boxes and I know from all the feedback that I heard about them that you love them. You love and I love them just as much. If my bathroom wasn't overflowing with stupid amounts of lotions and creams I would be purchasing almost every week. Someone needs to save me.

The reason I picked Pink Bow Bath Boutique to write about this morning is because I'm so intrigued by their Pink Watermelon Sugar body frosting. Heaven! A Pink Sugar dupe and sour watermelon must smell mouth watering!

Maybe it's time to hop in the ole' Acura and pay a visit to one of my favorite bath and body Indies! If for nothing more then to sniff. I'll bring cash too!

Early Bird Creations

Yep, I'm a fan of the big funky necklaces. The longer the dangle the better. Long necklaces are the perfect accessory to throw around you neck and spice up a plain tee. I like plain no frills and that's perhaps why I lost my mind when I found the perfect accessory from Early Bird Creations.

This necklace is super chunky and a whopping 34 inches long. Long! I love the green and pink color combination and also the thick leather cord the beads are on. I can think of many things I could wear this and I bet you could too!

I ordered a cool keychain from this shop almost a year ago and it's the coolest thing and very well made. Don't let the fact that the business is in Australia turn you off. It's actually a very cool story to tell people when they compliment you on your newest purchase.

Monday, May 25, 2009

LR Jewelry

I think this really neat ruby and sterling silver ring from LR Jewelry is just darling. It's really simple which is what I think I like the most about it. I also like the fact that the rubies are set into the ring for a smooth finish.

I'm sort of a minimalist and I believe that less is more always and this ring just screams less is more to me. When I was younger I always envisioned my wedding ring to be a simple band with lots of little diamonds built into it just like how the rubies are in this ring. Instead I ended up with something big and flashy. If I did it all over again I'd get the simple ring!

There's a matching pair of ruby drop earrings that are also pretty nice but also out of my price range in this economy. Some day!


I spent a good 3 or more hours over the weekend on Etsy bookmarking more favorites and I ran across this really neat vintage portable bar set. It immediately reminded me of my three favorite boys in Georgia. These boys know how to drink. They drink day and night it seems and with this handy dandy portable bar set from Collectique they'd even have a better time on their little adventures.

This set is in excellent like new condition, no dents, punctures or wear to the surfaces. It has all the original pieces in a super hard shell case. All the items are held in place with straps that are fastened securely to the case with sturdy metal square pieces. There is no key available but the fastener works good and closes securely.

This is just perfect for that person who is always on the go, not that you should be drinking on the go, but still. I actually laughed as I wrote that in an attempt to make you want it. I just had to write about this crazy thing because it reminded me my boys and how hilarious it would be seeing them towing it around with them.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Cupcake Mint

Hey Vegans! I've got a treat for you today!

The Cupcake Mint is the original home of the Vegan cupcake. They specialize in cupcakes with a conscience, for the health of our environment and for those without a voice.

I know that when most people think of Vegan foods they think of tasteless yucky items but let me tell you, these cupcakes look very tasty! You could actually fool me most likely into believing that they weren't Vegan and that's exactly how it should be!

I've got my eye on the prize and those Cherry Vanilla cupcakes look to die for! Lightly flavored cherry cake with sugar crystals baked into the top make for a delicious tasting cupcake with a delicate crunch in every bite. Then top these dreamy cakes with whipped vanilla buttercream and sugar crystals & you’ve got a beautifully delicious cupcake that’s ready to impress.

Just a little taste won't completely ruin the workout I had this morning, right?

The Art Womb

I wish I had a business like The Art Womb when I was pregnant with the twins. It would have been great to look back many years later at what my belly looked like right before I was was due. Alas, I have pictures and that will have to be good enough.

Thankfully in this shop you can purchase everything you need to do your own belly cast! Pregnant belly casts fascinate adults and children alike, whether you choose to hang yours proudly on the wall, or use it as a fruit bowl. Your belly cast will be a lasting reminder of how your body changed - far more than any photograph or video ever could do. Keep it plain, decorate it yourself or commission a personalized decoration - from mural to mosaic, decoupage to metallic, express who you are!

This is just so cool and I'm insanely jealous!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Night Specials on Etsy - 5/23/09

Support handmade tonight only with the following sales. List will update as I receive more info from sellers!

Sew Gracious - Free US Shipping all weekend. No coupon code needed. Int'l customers can save 1/2 on shipping

Cassowary Jewelry - Free Shipping

Sstargell Designs - 10% off plus free shipping worldwide

Not Moira - 15% off entire purchase. Mention SNS in notes to seller

Soap Seduction - 25% off throughout the holiday weekend

Designs by Steppie - Free US Shipping plus free gift all weekend long

Pook and Thy - Free shipping tonight only

Zadyball - Buy 1 get 10% off Buy 2 get 20% off Buy 3 or more get 25% off plus tonight only free shipping

Nimble - $5 off all wrislets. Mention SNS in checkout notes

Thanks Qwerty O!

I checked the mail last night and there was this random package from someone that I didn't recognize at first. Then I opened it and inside where a bunch of eco-friendly produce bags! I had wrote about Qwerty O last month but didn't have the funds to make a purchase and out of the kindness of their hearts they just randomly found my blog post about them and sent me some!

Thank you SO much! Karma baby! I love them!

Wordless Weekend - Lime Green and Hot Pink

Lego adjustable ring by Gr0glmann's Fun Retro Jewelry

Chunk necklace by Strat Designs

Clutch by Fiaz Co.

Felt earrings by Wild Woman Jewelry

Child's daisy headband by The Princess and Me

Crib Sheet by Baby Luxe Organic

Messenger bag by Get Ready, Set, Go!

Cufflinks by Kirsten Perkins Glass Jewelry

Thanks to Charlene Anderson on twitter for giving me this color scheme for my 1st Wordless Weekend entry. I've decided to do these on my "off days" because I hate not doing anything at all but I also want something to do without my readers getting bored. I will start doing one of these each day and then normal blog entries Monday through Friday. Hope you understand!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Julie's Cookie Jar

I'm hungry this morning so deal with it. I'm going to torture you with some utterly delicious looking finds that must make it on my desk in the next 2 hours otherwise I'll be getting in the car and driving all the way to Burlington, NJ. Don't make me do it...pretty please?

Julie's Cookie Jar is the reason for such madness. Well, that and the photography of her goodies. Watch, I get there and the stuff looks like nothing in the pictures. I'd be a sad sad girl. However, I doubt they'd try to fool me and the Peanut Butter Surprises probably taste as good as they look. Argh!

Take a look around and I'm sure you'll find something that makes your mouth water! These sweet treats are perfect for any occasion!

Whiff and Sniff Candles Update

Tomorrow my husband starts candle mania '09. Scents have arrived and scent descriptions are being worked on. I had to help him transfer the domain and redirect it to his Etsy shop and tomorrow he should have an email working so he can create his PayPal account.

I can't believe it's all come to life. We've picked out the colors. We've worked on packaging. Business card is being worked on and will be printed sometime next week. Oh, and the light box has been built!

Tomorrow he starts pouring the candles to build up stock so that he can open in 2-3 weeks. I'll post the date here for you all once we have a better grasp on it.

The best and most fun part of the whole thing was working with my girl Jelene on his Etsy shop graphics. I told her I wanted noses and shooters. She gave me noses and shooters. That's when suddenly those who didn't know they were noses came back and told me that the noses looked like DING DONGS! Yes, penis! Penis! Back to the drawing board and I was so sad because I loved the noses/ding dongs.

She redefined the noses and added a diamond stud to one of the nostrils and I think they look more like noses. I'm going to post a before and an after. The after will be at the top of this post and the before at the bottom. Take a peek and tell me what you think - honestly!

My handsome hubby is excited to work with you ladies - and gents. Mostly ladies! Feel free to flirt! He's fun to flirt with - just hands off!

Be sure to add his shop to your favorites so you can watch him grow! His ever growing scent list is in his profile but he's adding to it every single day.

Avril Loreti

I know this will sound pathetic but I've spent the past year looking for the perfect coasters for my living room. During that year I've ruined one end table and a coffee table though. Nice, right? I should have just purchased something I didn't like and dealt with not liking them and saved the tables.

I found some seriously unique coasters at Avril Loreti that I think are must haves! This set of 6 coasters are made using the classified ad section of a Toronto newspaper! Too funny! Each coaster features a different neighborhood, ie. The Danforth, The Annex, College Street, and Little Italy.

I'm not sure I'd get much use out of the coasters though because I'd be too busy reading them, well maybe I'd just switch my glass to a new one when it's time to read the one my glass was resting on. Problem solved!

May Little Black Boxes On Sale

Over at The Little Black Box the May round of boxes are on sale. This is a great way of sampling a bunch of handmade businesses all at once. The boxes cost $20 and that includes priority mail shipping all over the US.

Boxes purchased from now until Sunday will ship 1st thing Monday morning! Don't miss out on this round - there's a ton of bath and body for you original bath and body box lovers!

Our sponsor this month is SugarCandie Beauty Bar!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sheila's Inspired Designs

I found some real pretties for you jewelry and accessory lovers. I'm quite taken back by how pretty they are and can't believe that this shop has been lost in my favorites for weeks now. It wasn't until then morning and I stumbled back upon it and picked it out for a feature.

Sheila's Inspired Designs has this earthy beachy feel that I adore. After reading through the shop owners profile I learned that she's a beach girl at heart which explains that feel that I got when I was browsing all her many designs.

I love the Montego bracelet. The design includes a beautiful blue and silver lampwork bead (from libelula here on ETSY), amazing dark burgundy moukaite beads, deep blue turquoise beads, flashy labradorite beads, aqua chrysocolla jasper beads, amazonite beads, and sea blue quartz beads.

Don't you dig it?

Paper Cakes

I found this bright little twitterer a few weeks ago. The tweets are bubbly and random. The tweets are super silly and full of energy. After I read a few I knew I wanted to be friends with this twitterer. Her name is Chelsea and she's the owner of Paper Cakes over on Etsy.

The thing that stands out to me the most about this fabulous little shop is that everything is mostly the same color - aqua and pink. It's like their thing. It is just so girly and cute. On Paper Cake's blog you'll find a lot of amazing finds as well. The whole thing is put together so well that I really had to share it with you.

Over the weekend Chelsea twittered about upcycling a mirror that she had found at a garage sale and even posted pictures of it. I was in love with it as soon as I saw it! She did such a fantastic job on the mirror. I wish I was crafty like this! I want the mirror so much but it wouldn't go with anything in my house because of it's color. I just have to share it with you guys though because I know someone reading this has a special place in their home for a mirror like this and it would be loved forever.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Beer Soap Company

With Father's Day right around the corner many of us are starting to panic and can't decide what to give the men in our lives. Thankfully for us, The Beer Soap Company has made it easier on us this year and are offering a 5 for $20 sale on all of their wonderful looking beer soaps!

After so many years of making soap with plain ole' H2O, they decided to switch it up a bit. All the soaps you will find here are made with 100% beer as the main liquid portion. These bars do not smell like beer, I think you will find the aromas of our blends quite pleasing. You can even suggest a beer if you do not see it on their list of beers. It's pretty neat!

The patchouli and lemongrass soap made from Brauerei Weihenstephaner, a german beer, looks promising and would totally knock my mans socks off. Too bad I already made my Father's Day purchase. This shop looks so inviting!


Feminine, flirty, and modern. That's what you'll find at MollyStuff.

When you feel the need to look "office appropriate" but don't want to look too stuffy, you can wear this beautiful sterling silver tie. It is about 2" long and hangs on a 16" sterling silver chain. It looks classy with a blouse but also dresses up a tee.

I think the pendant is really funky and fun. Wearing it, your sure to get compliments and people will probably ask you were you got it so that they could get one for themselves. It's a great way to not only advertise your love for handmade but also to stand out in a crowd.

Equally important, is the free shipping sale until 2:30pm tomorrow (5/20/09) afternoon! Get on board while you can!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team

The Etsy Twitter Team is having a Sidewalk Sale to celebrate the spring weather and to get outside a bit! Virtually! So please take a stroll down our sidewalk of shop listings. Each shop is having a different sale so check them all out. There are some extremely great deals going on this week!!

The sales run from Sunday, May 17th to Saturday, May 23rd.

I can be found on twitter by click the following link too! http://twitter.com/littleblackbox

Strawberry Hedgehog

I live in a pretty small community right outside of the greater Phoenix area. It's so small that I doubted I could find anyone here that sold on any of the handmade venues. I was wrong though because I found the neatest little Vegan bath and body business called Strawberry Hedgehog.

The thing that caught my eye the most about this site is that the owner Tracy, packages all her soaps in handmade recycled paper. When I first saw a photo of the soaps packaged I thought they were wrapped in cool fabrics and I asked what it was and learned that it's a little bit more unique then that. I adore this idea! Very creative!

I want to have a sniff of the sweet orange clove soap. It's described at cheery, uplifting and comforting which is exactly what I need.

This shop is also participating in the May Little Black Box so if you like what you see here you'll be happy to know that all box buyers will be getting a little something something from them in their box too!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Sweet Sugar Beet

I just spent a little time over the weekend going through one of my purses and taking out things that just didn't need to be in there and I found my girly little zip pouch that I would keep all my feminine products in. When I was younger I remember all the girls being embarrassed that they'd have to slip their products up their sleeve or hide them in their pockets and race to the bathroom without the other boys noticing but I was always smart and had a cute little zipper pouch that I'd keep my items in and no one would ever notice.

I found even nicer looking pouches at The Sweet Sugar Beet that would make a great little bag for just these types of items. If you have a teenage girl in your life she'd be forever thankful for one of these. Or maybe you're the one looking for something to hide your unmentionables. Who knows! The uses for these types of bags are endless and don't need to be used for any such thing but rather for whatever you have your mind set on.

The fabric choices are too cute and really can't be passed up.

Bubble Tub

For the past few years I've been obsessed with having smooth shiny legs. The secret to my success is using a bath whip or handmade shaving cream from one of our wonderful online etailers to get those legs all spiffy.

I found these really great soap whips at Bubble Tub on Etsy. The packaging is professional and each has really nice labels. I think it's important for handmade businesses to really put some extra TLC into these things. Your products should look like something a person can purchase at a store or spa and in order to do that you must really put some extra added time and effort into packaging. It's important!

I use soap whips just like I would soap but instead I scoop a little bit out of the jar and apply to all the areas that I'm going to shave. You don't have to use these just to shave but I use the product specifically for this.

Lots of great looking products are available at Bubble Tub. Take a peek!

Friday, May 15, 2009

$25 Dollar PayPal Winner Is...

Thanks to all of you who showed the blog a little bit of love! The people who commented the most were entered into a bowl and the winner was drawn at random. Congrats to Debbie for winning! Contact me Debbie for your direct PayPal payment! Hopefully in return you'll put this back into the handmade community. Let us know what you do with it!

May Sponsor - SugarCandie Beauty Bar

I'll be updating the Little Black Box site to reflect the participants for that month but I wanted to get a head start and let you know about the special that SugarCandie Beauty Bar, our sponsor, is allowing blog readers to have through the month of May.

All orders get 40% off! Yep 40% off! Simply enter code: MayBlackBox40. Those of you who order a Black Box get an even better coupon code for their order. Don't miss out on their sugar scrubs. This is hands down my favorite scrub company on the net right now. You can read my review here.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Prince Design UK

It's summer time just about and with summer comes the need for neat serving pieces when guests come over and the sort. You can NEVER have enough bowls and platters. At least I can't. Last summer we spent much time at pool parties and there was always so much food and it seems like I never had the right sized bowl or platter for the food item I was bringing. That is why one must always keep their eye out for something unique and priced reasonably. When you find the perfect piece to add to your collection you just simply buy it up.

I found a piece at Clear Mountain Craft that I wish I could just purchase. I'm shaking my fist at this dang economy. Just because I can't purchase it doesn't mean you can't though! These poppy bowls are just too cute for words. They are glazed in a rich cobalt blue on the exterior and my stunning turquoise on the interior. Where to two color meet it feels like the ocean.

Any bowls from this shop would make such a wonderful addition to your home. Check them out!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bath and Body Bliss

May is a lucky month because I was lucky enough to have Bath and Body Bliss sign up to be in The Little Black Box that month. I was even more lucky because when I opened the box that arrived up on the very top was a small packaged labeled for me! I love surprises! I love samples! I get to take the samples and write about what I thought and it gives the box participants a little extra added publicity and publicity is what all businesses want!

Bath and Body Bliss offers a wide variety of handcrafted bath and body products, including soaps, lotions, soy candles, gift sets, body spray, natural baby care products, room sprays, and belly butter. There's a little bit for everyone!

My skin is extra thirsty from being beat up in the hot summer sun and yesterday I applied their Whipped Body Lotion in Black Raspberry Vanilla and it was such a treat. It was thick and sat on my skin until I really rubbed it in but then after wards I could tell that it was thanking me for it. Even this morning I can still smell the faint, delicious scent of it on my shoulders.

Thank you Bath and Body Bliss for spoiling me a little! I hope the May box buyers spoil you with orders!

Cotton Monster

I've been trying to figure out this stumbleupon thing. Everyone is doing it and gets slammed with visitors but I've never had any traffic to it at all. Yesterday I was stumbling my little heart out and ran into Cotton Monster. It caught my eye so much I even had a little look around their Etsy shop and bookmarked it so I'd come back later. Totally cute stuff!

Cotton Monsters are 'works of art'...Each is hand-made from recycled clothing and linens without a pattern, so no two will ever be exactly the same! Everyone LOVES Cotton Monsters, however each unique creature should be treated with care, loved gently, and NEVER ever be put in a washing machine!! They are soft sculptures, not necessarily toys, hence, may not be suitable for babies or very little children that like to chew on things!

Personally I like the watchful eyes. Now, those are cool! I totally need something to watch over me!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catherine Marissa

I found the simplest dainty ring at Catherine Marissa and I think it fits in just perfect here. It's reasonably priced and a perfect small accessory to wear when your looking for a little something to spice up what you're wearing without it looking overwhelming.

I think this sweet custom initial ring is quite beautiful. It's elegant and timeless. I know exactly what letter I'd get on mine but that's a secret! I'd probably wear it daily in order to keep the memory of the person close to my heart.

This is just too cute to pass up. Wait until you see the other goods available. You'll be coming back for more!

Dirty Ass Soaps

I had a blog reader email me nearly a month ago suggesting I write a little bit about Dirty Ass Soaps because the shop was one of their favorite Etsy spots. I went straight over to take a peek and I was extremely amused by all the wacky types of soaps that are offered but for some reason I must have been distracted and forgot to bookmark the shop at the time.

Then again over the weekend I ran into the shop again on the forums and went to take another look and it was only then that I saw the cute s'more soaps that I bookmarked and just knew that I would have to come back this week and write again, so here I am!

This realistic set of s'mores is incredibly mouth watering! The molds are hand made by the shop owner and the set of soaps include two pieces of graham crackers (that smell like graham!), a large square of chocolate which smell like real chocolate, and two fat marshmallows which smell like sugar and vanilla.

It's no wonder that the listing says that they sell out of these often. They look so real! There's a ton of listings just like this one at the shop. You must go take a peek!