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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm in big trouble. I just discovered that Ella Dean has spin off shops with different products in them. The labels are cute and the products look even better. Why oh why do I have to have this terrible addiction to bath and body products. It's entirely too out of control!

Spookieville is one of the spin off shops. Their Vegan Ice Cream soap is totally calling my name! I want one of each of them but in particular I want Vampire Soccer Mom and Mariska the Cake Baker's cream soap. Both of those scents look right up my alley!

Ice Cream Soap is so creamy, with a light soft lather & texture, you will feel so pampered using this. It contains moisturizing sweet almond oil, olive oil & vitamin E for a beautiful feel to your skin. You and your children will be excited to take a bath now!

Groovy Tip: Keep your ice cream soap in the freezer like real ice cream for a cool, refreshing addition to your shower & baths. Watch out for hungry sleepwalkers though...


AngelTree Gems said...

You are feeding my addiction. Enabler! (Thanks) :)

The Handmade Guru said...

I know, I'm terrible right?

Ricki said...

Ella Dean has Beautiful Twists, right? I love their lip balm.