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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Silver Canyons

I'm starting to get antsy now that today is Nutcracker Day. What? Nutcracker Day? The kids called me on the phone this morning to tell me that today is Nutcracker Day. I was confused and they explained that they opened up their advent calender today and inside was a nutcracker. They proceeded to tell me that there's only 2 days until Christmas Eve. I can't believe it's already upon us.

Too bad I didn't write about Silver Canyons sooner. I bet a few of you would have shopped for some of their really cool pieces had I. Don't count them out though. You can still purchase for yourself! I found some enamel earrings that are blue green and I wanted them almost instantly. Then again I almost want every single item in the whole shop. Those are my favorite kind of jewelry shops though!


Silver Canyons said...

I am so incredibly flattered, and thank you so much for such a nice mention. I am so glad you like them :):):)
When I see articles like this, it just makes it all worth while! Thanks again :),

Michele said...

Very true about wanting everything we see, I'm the same way but it's hard to resist such lovely items from SilverCanyons!!!!!

Beadiful Designs said...

Oh, I agree. Everything in Nicolle's shop is gorgeous.

SendingLoveGallery said...

SilverCanyons is a wonderful shop - and I especially like the featured earrings!

Dashery Jewelry said...

Those are gorgeous earrings! Silver Canyons has a fabulous shop!

GlitzGlitter said...

What a great person to feature, talented and nice.

Beadsme said...

Beautiful creations from an adorable artist.

cccraftstudio said...

yes, you fund a really great shop with fabulous unique jewelry!

Made By Tammy said...

Stunning earrings by a fantastic sweet designer!