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Monday, December 14, 2009


Often it's hard for us women to find something comfortable to wear to bed. Guys have it so easy. Most just jump into their boxers and crawl in but as a woman you have to wear a little something. At least I do! When you have young kids you find yourself sometimes up with them at night if they have a bad dream or when they need something to drink so I have to be covered up. I also never know when I'm going to have someone crawl in bed with me.

At Sandmaiden, which is made right here in Seattle, I found the cutest princess seam camisole with molded stretch triangle cups and adjustable straps. Match that with a pair of their trimmed panties or flutter panties and you have something super comfortable to wear at night.

This comes in a variety of sizes and colors and just looks as comfortable as can be. Surprise yourself with comfort!

1 comment:

Jeweltrinkets said...

these are so adorable! petals, i love them!