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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Red Leaf

I follow Chris Poile on Facebook. He's the owner of Red Leaf and yesterday morning while I was cruising Facebook I saw the funniest thing from him posted and it made me sort of do a double take at the time. It was 4ish in the morning that he posted. He's hardcore! This of course made me go straight to his shop to see just how sales were so far this shopping season and it looks like he's been surviving the economy pretty well!

Of course while I was browsing the store I found the coolest product ever, Bubble Bath Dough! I know right? Just rub a golf ball sized portion in your hands under a running bath faucet, and your tub begins to fill with wonderful scents and lots of bubbles! The more water pressure you have the more bubbles! When you get in, your skin is instantly silky soft, and the bubbles will last and last. After the bath, your skin stays soft even after toweling off and the scent will linger gently on your skin.

More of a shower person? It does double duty as an excellent skin exfoliant and skin polish. Just put some in a poof or in your hand and use on wet skin in the shower. We love it this way!


Vanessa said...

I bought most of my stocking stuffers from Red Leaf...the bath dough looks (and smells) very cool!

Meghan said...

Oh! A new bath product. I'm all over it.

Jeweltrinkets said...

Cool, I bet it takes a long time to diminish in the tub, therefore leaving a long lasting scent.

AngelTree Gems said...

Ooh! I am all about new cool bath products!

Amanda said...

What a cool product! I'm intrigued by this and would love to purchase one just to see how it works.

sapphirelizard said...

I am intrigued by this idea. Sounds really neat!!