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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I've been lucky enough to work with Orglamix for the past few months. However, I never had the chance to sample their products personally until this past week when they sent in a variety of different samples for the December Little Black Box. I used to be a huge fan of MAC and their pigments. I had a huge collection of all their super expensive products. No more! I'm now totally hooked on Orglamix!

I'm a big smokey eye look sort of girl and when I saw the Rocker Eye Color Collection I wanted it almost instantly. The latest fall trend is embracing all that’s good about looking “bad.” It falls somewhere between Joan Jett, Blondie and Hell’s Angels and relies heavily on leather, spikes, chains-- or this collection. Rock on!

You get 6 different eye shadows plus a brush for application for less then $19 plus s/h. You seriously can't beat that! Also of importance, Orglamix offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you don't love your order send it back for a full refund. Now, that's customer service!


Jeweltrinkets said...

I have been looking for some new mineral make-up, Orglamix has everything that I've been seeking. I like that the starter kits include a brush set, and color for the eyes. I've got them on my favorites list now in etsy! Plus they are reasonably priced check this out!

Meghan said...

I have never been able to get eye shadow to look right on me. Now, black eyeliner, I totally rock.

I have a sample of mineral blush that I love and I definately plan on replacing when I'm done with it. I think it came in a LBB. :)

Ricki said...

I know I have mentioned on here how much I love Orglamix, but I need to say it again - Orglamix totally rocks!

AngelTree Gems said...

Having heard so much great stuff about orglamix, I might need to try them out. I have been pretty loyal to my current company, but it IS corporate, and orglamix is handmade....

The Handmade Guru said...

Word. Orglamix IS handmade. Support the little guy! I was faithful to my MAC until I tried this and now I'm hooked. I'm hoping to get some money for my birthday or Christmas so I can splurge.

Chesterfield Community Theatre said...

I have almost totally given up non-handmade make-up. I still buy my foundation primer from Sephora and every so often will get some BE, but handmade is really the way to go (and so much cheaper, too).

Amanda said...

There are so many more colors here than my MAC pigments...I may have to convert one day!

jacjewelry said...

These are beautiful!

AngelTree Gems said...

I'll have to get some. Stocking stuffers ARE needed, after all. :)