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Monday, December 14, 2009

Offensive Decals

It's hard to believe that a few minutes ago I was writing about sexy sleepwear and now I'm writing about Offensive Decals. Yes, prepare yourself. These decals are full of color and most are cringe-worthy. I picked a tame one to write about but I have to admit that I did laugh at them all. I guess I like sick humor! These will not necessarily be offensive to everyone, but are far enough out there that somebody will be distraught over it. Get over it!

I got a good laugh over the Mushroom Cloud Vinyl Decal. This is just perfect for the single man in your life. Whether it's a brother, friend, or significant other you just know that when people come over and need to use the bathroom that it'll be a topic of conversation when they return. Hey, maybe you even have a girl in your life who you'll find this appropriate for!

This mushroom cloud measures 8.5"w X 10"h and is displayed in Black, but can be done in any of our colors, so PLEASE specify which color you'd like at checkout.


Jeweltrinkets said...

bombs away!


too funny...i would love to get this but my husband would not find it funny....LOL

AngelTree Gems said...

I actually really liked some of these. I guess I am sick, too.

Ricki said...

Man, I wish I had seen these sooner - I'd order one for my husband.