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Monday, December 21, 2009


Beer drinkers and belt wearers unite! I have the most amazing gift idea right here!

At Metalogical you can find yourself that works not only at keeping your jeans where they are supposed to be up also serves as a bottle opener! No matter where you are people will need you if the opener is missing. You will serve a great conversation piece! A great ice breaker! Just lift up your shirt and offer to open your friends beer. You wanted a way into the cool crowd and this is your ticket!

I like the rust colored buckle. Each buckle begins life as a piece of 3/16” steel. The 3” blank is heated in a forge to 2300 degrees and shaped on the anvil. The circular opener is hot cut with a handmade chisel and shaped meticulously with a hammer. It is then bent in a press, welded, cleaned and detailed to perfection, and sprayed with a durable clear coat and our RUST patina.

1 comment:

AngelTree Gems said...

I have a bottle opener belt (not from metalogical, though, darn), and it can be a lot of fun, though you will get some suggestive comments if you wear and use it. :)