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Monday, December 7, 2009

I Want: Recycled Plaid Mittens with Silver Buttons

I am a glove person not a mitten person, but these Recycled Plaid Mittens with Silver Buttons from Five Feet Tall look so warm and cozy. The weather here was bitterly cold over the weekend and I could have used something to keep my hands warm instead of letting them get all chapped and having to put gobs of lotion on at night.


AngelTree Gems said...

Those do look very snuggly. I am a big fan of the fingeerless gloves that have mitten flaps for when it is bitterly cold. that way you get dexterity and warmth.

BleuRoo said...

Being in Florida I miss out on all the super cute winter wear :( Those are pretty sweet, I'd find an excuse to wear those often!

Meghan said...

Adorable. If we have to suffer with the cold weather, we may as well look good doing it!

Jeweltrinkets said...

California is chilly, a brisk 43 right now. May not seem cold to some, but for me, brrr.....