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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flower Peddler

Flower Peddler screams professional. If they don't then you need to wipe those eyes because I've never met a business who wasn't as professional looking at this business. They've been around for quite a while and most recently I started hearing more of a buzz online about them in forums and stuff. I'm actually really happy for them. It's about freakin' time!

I took a peek at their shop on Etsy today and was happy to see that they are carrying cute baby and kid bath products now.  Many of us have children in our lives so why not spoil them a bit! The Little Buds shea butter baby lotion most likely is a great product to start with.

It's mild and moisturizing with natural ingredients for baby's skin. Containing shea butter, certified organic jojoba and sunflower oils, aloe vera, herbal extracts, and antioxidants gentle enough for the most delicate skin. What you won't find are parabens, artificial fragrances, or dyes. Lightly scented with soothing organic lavender, mandarin, and chamomile essential oils. Moms will love this lotion too as it softens her skin while she gives baby a gentle massage.

1 comment:

Ricki said...

I'm using one their scrubs right now. There labels definitely do scream professional - they look like something you would see in any big store (but, of course, they are better since they are handmade).