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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I think I fell in love all over this morning. Except I didn't actually fall in love with a person. I fell in love with an item that perhaps one day I can purchase for a person!

Finger print wedding bands! I don't know why I find this idea so sexy. It just is. There's nothing better then having a piece of someone you love with you at all times so why not incorporate that somehow into your wedding day? Are you and your significant other simple and don't need a bunch of frills? See, I always felt frilly but now after seeing these rings from Fabuluster I think I might be a little less frilly.

They send you an impression kit in the mail. Once you receive it, imprint the entire length of your finger and/or your fianc├ęs finger separately. Then you mail that back to them and then a wax form from the impression material is made. Pretty cool! Maybe some day this ring gets passed down to your children- a family heirloom for sure. How romantic! Your lover touching you, holding your finger, always with you.

1 comment:

jacjewelry said...

What a neat find! Very original. Love that.