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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Capella's Garden

I'm a big fan of all things citrus so when I found out that a local bath and body company, Capella's Garden, was making yuzu scented bath bombs I jumped on the citrus train and immediately said I wanted a few of their bombs for my kids for Christmas.

Of course I forgot to put them away when they were delivered yesterday and they found them in a bag on my bed and when it was time for baths last night I gave the ok for each of them to snag theirs. Connor was first and took the yuzu bomb. My entire house smelled so good for hours. I couldn't believe the punch that these small bombs packed. Dylan used his tangerine one and it was just as amazing. Both of them were just in love with the bath bombs they found early and now I'm even more enticed to place another order for more.

You won't go wrong with an order from this bath and body company. Hit them up for stocking stuffers or try your luck with a Little Black Box in December. They've given us samples!


Vanessa said...

Sounds and looks amazing! I love bath bombs!

Bethany said...

Thanks Kim! Now through Dec. 20th you can get 20% off at www.capellasgarden.com using coupon code "guru" (no quotes). Japanese Grapefruit (aka Yuzu) is new on the site today. I'm hoping to get the picture up soon!

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Jeweltrinkets said...

Love bath bombs, yuzu is japanese grapefruit, I just learned, and smell delicious.

Ricki said...

OK, you totally stole the company I was going to write about tomorrow. :P

Jeweltrinkets said...

Can anyone translate the post above my last one??? Is that Chinese or japanese? Help!

The Handmade Guru said...

Yes, it says I'm peeved that Jeweltrinkets won the $25 dollar Whiff and Sniff gift card. I am going to hunt her down and steal it.

At least that's what I think it says.