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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Theme: Leaves

Autumn is really here as the trees are shedding their leaves. We did not have much of a Fall here, so a lot of the pretty colors were missed. These, items, however, have some great color:


AngelTree Gems said...

I love that etched metal art! I need to go check out their shop further....

sapphirelizard said...

All lovely items...but I have to agree that the Etched Metal Artwork is awesome!

Jeweltrinkets said...

also a fan of the teal etched metal work, an array of color!

Meghan said...

How do you find such great stuff? Etsy is so large and overwhelming. It's a good thing you're hear to wade through it all for us. :)

I also love the tiles, as well as Just Peachy's swanky sparrow necklaces.

Vanessa said...

How adorable is that bag?! I lvoe the colors and fabric!