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Monday, November 2, 2009

Tess*Mess Studios

I'm a little bummed out. I recently discovered that a majority of my family is going to Mexico for Thanksgiving instead of staying home this year! My fondest memories growing up were the huge family gatherings at my aunts house and I want those same traditions for my children. Looks like me, the twins, and my mother will be the only ones celebrating together this year. Thank goodness we have each other at least.

I'm mostly heart broken because I found these adorable place cards at Tess*Mess Studios that I would love to use for a big Thanksgiving gathering. I think they are so clever and the shop is brand spankin' new so I really want to show it some love.

If you're planning a big get together and you're looking to add a little extra added love to your Thanksgiving table these would be just perfect and make you look like such an amazing hostess.


Vanessa said...

You should still go all out- place cards and all :)

Jeweltrinkets said...

so cute, and a great keepsake!

AngelTree Gems said...

You could use them for just your family. Sometimes less people is more.

heatherm said...

I agree....go all out with the ones that will be there. Love the coffee sleeves too.