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Monday, November 30, 2009


I've had bangs my whole life. I'm just a bang girl. I don't have a big forehead so I have bangs to cover them up I just think I look better with bangs. Don't ask me. Two summers ago I spent so much time in the pool that I kept pinning them back because once you get your bangs wet you can't just make them look normal again unless they are clean so pinning them back just worked. Of course when I spent 4 months with them pinned back they started to grow out and soon they were down to my chin so I decided I was going to grow those babies out. I started buying cute pins, like the ones available at Retroeighties, and that helped me feel stylish and cute.

I found these neat wood beaded pins that are absolutely adorable. These come in a set of 2 and are made from brown wood rice beads. They would also most likely blend in with any hair color. The best part about them is that you can wear them with just about anything you wear. They are very versatile!


Vanessa said...

I love the lemon drop pins...super cute!!

Meghan said...

I'm jealous of your glorious bangs. I have a dreaded cowlick that makes them nearly impossible.

Also, great hair pins. :)

Jeweltrinkets said...

LOL the ribbon barrettes. Very
80's I had all sorts of these


AngelTree Gems said...

Megan, I have a cowlick, too. I can have bangs if I work against it, but these clis are all so cool. I am sure my daughter would love some!

Amanda said...

I love the look of bangs but after the first day I get them cut, I can never make them look as good as my heairdresser does so they tend to get pushed back behind my ear. I love these pins...I'd use them when I want to make a pouf with my bangs.