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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Michael Arras

For nearly a year and a half I've been following designer Michael Arras and his wonderful creations. In particular, I'm absolutely head over heels for his amazing tables. If I had a load of cash and a big house to decorate I'd be purchasing coffee tables by the truck load to furnish my home.

These small cinnamon red circle coffee tables cost $399 each which is well above what I can afford to spend but that doesn't mean I can't show them off to you! These one-of-a-kind coffee tables are made by joining together small pieces of high-grade birch plywood into one whole table. Each segment is connected to the others with strong mortise-and-tenon joints. The table top looks fragile but it's solid. Cups won't fall into the cracks, but slide easily across the table.

They can be stained in different colors so if cinnamon red isn't your thing you can specify at checkout.


Meghan said...

These are perhaps my most favorite thing you've posted. I had my last table set custom made out of reclaimed local Amish barn boards, but they're beat. I'm going to bookmark this maker for future reference. So swanky!

AngelTree Gems said...

Those are soooo cool!! WE have a custom dining room table, and as soon as we get some $$ again, I am so going to hit him up....

ross said...

Looks good; I saw this site with some useful info on Coffee Tables. Hope it helps...

Jeweltrinkets said...

I've seen his work, very artsy, interesting conversation piece!

Vanessa said...

This table is too cool! I love anything modern.