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Monday, November 23, 2009


Half of my household is sick. That's why I didn't blog this morning. I've infected everyone I think. I was up most of the night taking care of a throwing up child and because of that when he laid down today I passed out too.

Of course I was curious what sort of sick themed items I could find on Etsy this evening when I did finally find time to blog and I found some seriously funny soaps from LoveLeeSoaps that you should enjoy. These Happy Pill soaps will help anyone who's having a rough day instantly feel better. They are scented in caramel apple and sure to make you smile after taking your first whiff of them.

Most of the soaps from LoveLeeSoaps make me smile. There's quite the variety!


Jeweltrinkets said...

These are so adorable! Too cute to use! A perfect get well gift!

AngelTree Gems said...

Those are adorable. I think having one would put a smile on my face. Hello wish list.

sapphirelizard said...

oh my...those are just too cute!!

Meghan said...

See, this is a great idea.

However, this is not:



Vanessa said...

Hehe these make me smile!! I would totally give these as gifts to my friends :)