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Monday, November 16, 2009

I Want: Owl iPhone Case

If I had an iPhone, or if my cell was the size of an iPhone, I would want this cute Owl iPhone Case. Rutik has these owls in many colors, but I like the orange one because it looks the most like an owl (although I have never seen an orange owl). I also really did that striped lining.


Vanessa said...

Too cute!! I want this too...if only I had an iphone!

AngelTree Gems said...

OOH! I need to see if they have a frog blackberry case for my wish list!

Meghan said...

I really need an iPhone cover. It never even occurred to me to look at a handmade item. I'm off to shop!

Jeweltrinkets said...

Too cute, the green flower/magenta owl, so much detail, hand stitched. Awesome work!

רות מלר . . . יוצרת ומנטור לעסקים said...

Thank you so much - I googeld and got here I am Ruth mom of Rutik and all this pluse iphone owl are my children (-:&

I am glad to read that you love my owl cases.
Though they are all my children, my favorite colour is orange to.

I did not planed to prepare other sizes, should I not googeled, I would miss your review, it is a lovely to find someone that love my art. SO here is my offer I am willing to prepare any size that will fit your cell phone in the same price I am charging for the iphone. (I will not charge for costmm made )

what do you need to do ?
1. write h, w, d of your cell phone
2.the model of your cell phone (then I would be double check the pattern size.
3.choose any of the 7th olw cases pattern

I will send you an invoice by paypal if you will pay until coming Wednesday I will dispatch your case on coming Sunday

you do not need to have a paypal acount to pay via papal.

What do you say ?

rutik33 (at) gmail.com