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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fun & Funky Retro Magnets is in the Box!

One look at my fridge and it is obvious I collect magnets. I even divide them up by what type. The side of the fridge against the cabinets is for ad magnets, the side above the dog bowl is for memo pad magnets and calendar magnets, the bottom door is for vacation magnets and other generic ones like that, and the top door is for cool indie and handmade magnets. If I get a magnet from Fun & Funky Retro Magnets in this month’s TLBB, it will definitely be going on the top door. I just adore this Sprinkles Ice Cream Cone magnet – and it is even scented like a waffle cone.


Vanessa said...

How fun are these?!! Love the otter pops magnet!

vloky said...

Those are pretty cool!

AngelTree Gems said...

Man, I have so many magnets, I wish my fridge was magnetic. :(

sapphirelizard said...

those are awesome!

The Handmade Guru said...

These magnets are super cool! I wanted to keep them all!

Meghan said...

I saw these on the LBB list for November and I got excited. I collect magnets, mostly when we travel. I can't wait to add a few of these to my collection.

Jeweltrinkets said...

I also collect magnets, made a few of my own, but these bring back memories! Boo Berry! Mr. Salty!