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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yume Blush

Yesterday's mail was so full of goodness that I've been licking myself for the past 12 hours. I'm not the only one licking myself in my household either. I've seen the twins licking each other too. Now usually I'd be afraid and most likely call CPS on myself for not stopping them but if you got a package from Yume Blush you'd be licking yourself in the privacy of your own home too.

Yume Blush has this neat product that's a body cream but at the same time it can be used as a body lotion or a massage oil. It's all very strange but if you had it in your hand you'd see what I'm talking about. Best of all you can lick and eat this stuff! It's 100% Vegan and all natural. Man, I wish I had a cute shirtless boy to test this on. My arm is getting boring!

This product would be absolutely perfect for a bridal shower gift or even gift bags for a bachelorette party. The packaging is super professional and you'll be sure to please anyone who's looking for something something for the one they love.


Vanessa said...

Mmm edible body cream?! Yummy!

booble bill said...

OOOOOOOOH, I got some of this a few weeks ago and it's almost gone!! I got the orange vanilla I think next time is some lemon something goodness!

Meghan said...

This is definitely on my wish list. Lavender Honey? Oh my.

David, Lara and Co. said...

I need some of this, yummy!! I just ran out of my other stuff!

Lynne Jenrow said...

Can't wait to try - again - in the desert - dry dry dry so all the moisture we can get is what we look for.

Jeweltrinkets said...


heatherm said...

I am salivating at the computer. They all sound to die for.