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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What A Week!

So I'm sitting here with a swollen face wondering why I've been so fortunate to have such great karma lately. Well, it was great until my dentist decided to do 4 fillings and a crown on me yesterday afternoon for 3 hours. The karma took a little pause but the Vicodin is making me love life again.

The summer was very slow for The Little Black Box. Slow! Hardly any new participants. Hardly any new customers. I've been in a panic a bit. I started to wonder if perhaps I was starting to stink. Or maybe it wasn't me that stunk but the economy.

Wednesday I got a call from a good family friend wanting 6 black boxes for a morning breakfast she was hosting in her home. The bags were going to be basically gift bags and it was also going to be used as a little plug for my business. I created the bags and picked the best of the best out of the samples I had left for September and delivered them as instructed. Come Friday morning midway through the breakfast I had a phone call from that family friend telling me that someone wanted to speak to me. Low and behold it was the wife of a local orthodontist who wanted to know if she could purchase 7 gift bags like the ones that she had just got for the staff at her husband's office. The best part is that she wanted them in 3 hours! I raced around again looking for the best samples from what I left from the September boxes. There wasn't much to choose from but I had enough to make the bags look great and delivered those as promised. It was exciting and I was super pumped that people, locally, had picked up on the fact that I was around.

Saturday morning comes, and I'm sound asleep only to be awoken by the phone ringing. I answer it and this handsome manly voice bellows, "Why hello there sunshine!"I"m startled thinking, hmmm.. now I know I'm newly single but who in the world is calling me this early and also why are they being so chipper? To my surprise it was my dentist who's wife had also been at the breakfast that had been hosted and he wanted 14 bags for his staff!! I explained that I was all out of samples for September but I could have them ready by the time the October boxes go on sale and that was that. I hung up in awe. Finally! Finally!! Wow, this was crazy! I had just sold 27 boxes and didn't have to do a darn thing! Things were looking up!

Sunday morning, I'm groggy as can be and I stumble to my computer to find an email from a woman named Sheryl Dunn. Sheryl is a member of the Vala Youngquist Guild in Burlington, WA and also a staff member at the orthodontist office who got a bag Friday evening. She loved her bag so much that she was contacting me to tell me about the guild and a fundraiser that they put on every year for Children's Hospital. She was inviting me to use my Little Black Box experience to help put together gift bags for the 150 bus riders that they are taking down to Seattle for the fund raising event. I'm so excited because it's such a great opportunity for The Little Black Box to help with and also because my other business Whiff and Sniff Candles can provide samples for the bags. Thus far almost 20 businesses that I've worked with in the past and that are signed up for future campaigns have signed up to join in the fun!

It's a whirlwind and I'm so thrilled that I've had the chance to sit down today and tell all of my blog readers about it. It really does prove that The Little Black Box does work! People do want to see your products and people are interested in seeing what's in the boxes each and every month.

Help me by continuing to purchase your bags and by telling your friends about us. Also, join in the fun and choose The Little Black Box to advertise with. You never know who's hands your items will end up in. Right when I was starting to feel that the end of The Little Black Box was near faith has been restored in me and I'm ready to rumble again.

Here's to the beginning of the holiday advertising season. May it be filled with many handmade purchases, many black box purchases, new advertisers, and lots of great gift giving for all!


Deborah said...


I am so enjoying this post and what it illustrates so beautifully; the power of the domino effect of a fun and unique product/service, a catalyst and grassroots enthusiasm that spreads organically.

The Law of Attraction is working for you and whatever you are doing, internally and otherwise, keep it up and keep the faith.

Can't wait to hear the story of who all shows up (or is referred to you0 to participate in your Little Black Boxes for the Children's Hospital Fundraiser event which sounds like a fun event to register for...for all those shoppers out there who don't want to deal with parking issues all day long! To be shuttled will be to be pampered. So that the focus can be on the right thing: retail therapy and holiday shopping.

Gift giving and appreciation with a touch of mystery is made easy by you isn't it? And creators of handcrafted goodies get discovered as well. What a concept!

I love that you are raising awareness of unique goods and crafts that are hand made and worth being introduced to. I always bookmark the cool stuff I discover or am alerted to. So your finds are appreciated.


Ricki said...

This is so awesome! The Little Black Boxes truly are the best and this just goes to show that.