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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Teeth? Tooth? What?

In honor of my doped up Vicodin Facebook and Twitter posts about my painful oral procedures I had done yesterday morning I thought I'd bring you all back to my 1st love - teeth! Yes, my background in dentistry obviously didn't teach me to floss or not chew on those yummy hard candy hearts at Valentine's Day because I have a mouth full of baby cavities and a tooth that needed a crown and yesterday I decided was the day to do something about it. At least the right side of my face is finished. The pain is SO not worth it though. Now, on to the teeth!

Denture Soaps by Love Lee Soaps

Happy Teeth Charms by Komodokat

Tooth Earrings by Shup(G)

Tooth Fairy Pillow by Posie and Me


Rasberryswrlgirl said...

The tooth charms are really cute.

nspeedster said...

Check out www.leknockout.com
They cast my son's first tooth. Utterly charming!