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Friday, October 23, 2009

Ricki’s Pick of the Week: Clippie from 3 Little Monkeys

3 Little Monkeys specializes in cute items for little girls. However, that does not mean that big girls cannot like their stuff, too. For the past few months, they have contributed samples of their clippies to TLBB and I have received a few. Last night, I wore a bright purple polka-dot one in my hair to add a little flair to my work outfit, and I got so many compliments. If you were not lucky enough to get a clippie in your LBB, then you can order them in packs of 25 (or more) and can either specify your colors or let it be totally random. These are cute for long hair or short hair (and little or big girls).


Meghan said...

This big girl has one in her hair right now! Love it (and so does my husband).

Vanessa said...

Too cute...wish I had a little girl :)

David, Lara and Co. said...

I have 3 cute little girls who would love these!

Lynne Jenrow said...

I hope I get one in my box. My niece will love this

Jeweltrinkets said...

I wear these alot, to keep the hair out of my face, great deal 100 clippies for $25 wow!!

heatherm said...

I loved the one I got in my box last month. Too bad one of my nieces decided she needed it.