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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

QueenVanna Creations

Last year I did much of my shopping online for the holidays on Etsy. It really is a great place to find unique one of a kind gifts. One of the shops I visited and purchased from was supposed to be a gift for a friend of mine and I ended up liking the item so much I kept it for myself and it's literally sitting right here in my office with me and I use every day.

QueenVanna Creations carries these really fabulous Perpetual Calenders. I probably wrote about them before but it's the nearly the holiday season and I'd be an absolute fool to not remind you about how cool these are. Each set comes with 6 pieces, a base, three month blocks, and two date blocks. Pieces are created by the shop owner's husband, then patterned paper is attached by her! You can get one of these in many different types of styles.

These make great gifts for someone who works a desk job or even something fun to have around at home to help the kids learn months and dates. My boys LOVE changing the date for me every single morning. Get yours now!

1 comment:

bonnie said...

Might I add that these perpetual calendars are meticulously crafted. Vanessa pays attention to details, a quality product!