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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Paper Planet

It's raining! I'm so excited! Rain! Clouds! It's dreary and depressing and I'm jumping for joy because finally I'm seeing a season other then summer! Yay!

It's also October first! We made it boys and girls. We made it! It's all down hill from here. Before you know it they will have Christmas stuff in the stores... wait, they already do!

Time to get out those candles or find cool things to go with your candles. I found something extra cool at Paper Planet. Perfect for this time of year, they have this unique paper candle holders that hold tealights and the flame from the tealight lights up the holder allowing you see the most beautiful image. This Earth Light is designed with handmade banana bark paper dyed bright orange and embedded with fibers and bits of banana bark. A pressed orange daisy is carefully mounted on white mulberry paper in the center.

I would want like 3 or 4 different types to place on my mantle or around my house. You just know that your company would fall in love with these darling things. They are only $8 too!

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