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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Otis B

Lately I've turned into a personal shopper for people via all of my networking sites and email. I get a handful of emails a day from shoppers asking me where to find this or where to find that. I think it's pretty amusing and also a lot of fun because I do get introduced to lots of really cool businesses because of my line of work.

I spend an awful lot of time on Etsy and yesterday I was asked about great birthday present ideas and I found these earrings at Otis B that I want for myself! Screw buying them for someone else! Why oh why must my boys need Winter coats and Halloween costumes?! Mommy wants earrings from Otis B!

These earrings are composed of baby blue hued faceted turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona. These turquoise briolettes are different from regular turquoise as most know it because it has much less matrix (the black lines that run through turquoise), it's harder and has much higher luster, so when it's faceted, as these are, they sparkle like no other!



AngelTree Gems said...

A lot of people ask me the same thing. I think it's because we are very comfotable with internet searches and have a good jumping off point....and love browsing etsy stores. :)

Vanessa said...

How cool are these?! Love the colors!

Meghan said...

I just bought a gorgeous lariat necklace with a silver pinecone, smokey quartz and some red stone. :) I'm so excited. I let them know that I found them on this site. Yay!!

Jeweltrinkets said...

Love faceted turquoise!