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Friday, October 30, 2009

Mother Macabre

I'm bringing out the creepy stuff this morning. It's almost the big day, tomorrow to be precise. I was awoken this morning to two kids pouncing on me.. reminding me that today was their big Harvest Party. Yep, that's right. No more Halloween in the schools. Too many people don't believe. Ugh.

We plan on having a million trick or treaters if it isn't pouring down rain on us. Our neighborhood is one that gets slammed and I so wish I would have found this crazy bowl from Mother Macabre sooner. My boys are with me this morning as it's not time for school and they have the biggest eyes as they are looking at the pictures of this jaw bowl. I wish I would have found it earlier. This is one of those things that treat or treaters would just love!


AngelTree Gems said...

That bowl is wrong on so many levels....I want it.

Meghan said...

Seriously creepy.

I can't believe they don't do Halloween at school! They still do around here. How do you not "believe" in Halloween?

AngelTree Gems said...

I think that it is more that certain families don't celebrate it, and they don't know what to do with the kids from those families.

Vanessa said...

Ewww definitely creepy but very creative lol!

Jeweltrinkets said...

there should be a tongue in there somewhere!!! LOL

heatherm said...

I wish I had one of the Saturday instead of a plain old bag.