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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Karin Lorenc

The Suzy Homemaker in me desires some colorful stoneware pottery from Karin Lorenc this morning. I hate the fact that I'm really trying to save money right now too. I want to buy just about everything I lay my eyes on. With Christmas and the other fun holiday's approaching I need to save my extra money in order to splurge when it comes to all the fun stuff. Until then I'll drool or hope that a special someone knows exactly what it takes to make my day. Wait, what special someone?

I'm completely digging this set of 6 small rainbow bowls. They are absolutely perfect for a cute dinner party. Perhaps having different sauces or dips in them. Maybe even snack bowls for the kids? Only, knowing my boys they'd probably drop them and I'd be short a bowl or two. I think I'd save these particular bowls for entertaining. They're just too nice to hand over to a 7 year old.