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Monday, October 12, 2009

Have It Sweet Confections

I logged into Etsy this morning to find some cool things to show off here this morning and right smack on the front page was the most amazingly yummy gooey looking caramels that just screamed Handmade Guru blog about me!!! I listened. The Guru was summoned and now I'm going to share the wealth.

At Have It Sweet Confections you can purchase some Scaramels. They are Halloween inspired caramels! Most likely when you go over to check them out they'll be sold too because these look pretty popular so just stalk the shop for when they are relisted.

These are delicious Halloween "Scaramels". These are Tahitian Vanilla Caramels that are tinted with all natural orange food coloring. Then they are layered with our Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate Caramel. It is the perfect Halloween treat.