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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crafty Mama Designs

Tis the season for candy. LOTS of candy. Caramels, candy corns, and candied apples. Since April I've been working out a lot. When this time of year comes around I sort of cringe because I know that no matter how much working out I may or may not do I'm going to put on a pound or 10. Great.

Thankfully at Crafty Mama Designs I found something that is calorie and fat free but still extra yummy. Now, pay attention all of you with little girls at home. Yeah, I'm talking to you. Make that little girl feel special all day long until she puts on her princess costume and rushes out the door to go trick or treating with these super cool Candy Corn Clippies. For only $2.25 plus shipping you'll make that little girl feel like a star all day long.

I love candy corn, it's my favorite candy year-round!

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