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Monday, October 19, 2009

Cozy Moments

I need a shower. I need a shower badly. Only my shower would be so much better if someone wouldn't have purchased what I was going to purchase this morning from Cozy Moments.

Cozy Moments had this drool-worthy looking Vanilla Candy Canes foaming sugar scrub that I literally want to sniff right on my monitor. I hope you're all paying attention because something like this would make an absolute perfect gift for moi this holiday season.

I'm a bath and body freak! I want to smell like cookies, marshmallows and especially vanilla candy canes. The boys can't resist. I'm delicious!


DeborahDrake said...

A mouthwatering write up as well oh Handmade Guru.

Ricki said...

That does look irresistable.

amanda said...

I got mine today.... oo la la that is some good stuff.. I am loving the smell. I just want to eat my hand off LOL.

heatherm said...

Oh I wish I could smell through the monitor!

Jeweltrinkets said...

looks good enough to eat!!