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Monday, October 5, 2009

Body Language Soaps

I was milling around on twitter the other day and I noticed a tweet from my girl over at Body Language Soap talking about this "zebra" soap. I was instantly curious so I had to inquire about it by sending her a tweet and asking what it smelled like. That's when I was told that lemon, tea tree, and lime. I immediately wanted it.

At Body Language Soaps they believe that Fragrance Speaks Louder than Words. That's why I'd be a fool to not introduce you all to this gem. The Zebra Face soap is a charcoal cleanser clarifying facial soap. That means it's supposed to blast acne! Now, I have pretty great skin but I think this is a total must have for me because while most consider this a facial soap I'm also looking for something that can be used all over my body!

Aw man I want to sniff this!

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