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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bliss Candies

All the rage in this past months Little Black Box were the delicious caramels offered by Bliss Candies. I'll admit. I did stash a pack for myself so that I could write a review on them. I think nearly 50 boxes were fortunately to get to sample the goodness and boy were they good.

I don't know about you all but my mouth is watering again as I read about their individually wrapped Spiced Apple Cider caramels. Oh yum! Hold me back! This deliciously chewy caramel is creamy and sweet with the flavor of Apple Cider. They start off with fresh cream, butter and 100% pure Apple Juice. To round out the flavor we infuse the caramel with nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and ginger; just divine!

This is a cruel joke. Now all day I'll be wanting to try these ones.. as if the pumpkin ones weren't bad enough already now I want to try the Apple Cider ones!


Vanessa said...

Sounds yummy!!

Misty said...

Oh YUM!!! Those look delicious. I have been wanting some caramels...hmmm...

Meghan said...

These were awesome. The apple cider was so subtle, but so good. I'm definitely using my LBB coupon and buying some as gifts for the holidays.

David, Lara and Co. said...

Super Yummy!! Just what i need to make a rainy day happy!!

Lynne Jenrow said...

love caramels - in the Southwest it is sometimes the first taste of fall that I get.

sapphirelizard said...

Caramels are a weakness of mine. The apple cider ones sound positively scrumptious!!

Jeweltrinkets said...

they look delicious!

heatherm said...

These sounds so yummy. Perfect on a cool fall day with some cider or hot chocolate.