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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

4 Girls Designs

I need to get back the last 2+ hours of my life. What should have been very simple in and out doctor appts for my 7 year olds ended up being like the sequel of Outbreak. I really had no idea the Swine Flu was as bad as it is. I seriously must not get out enough.

At 4 Girls Design I found these really funny No H1N1 screen printed bags that gave me a chuckle. I even thought about purchasing one just to bring into the doctor's office for my favorite doctor there. I think he would adore it.

Tell that H1N1 to stay away with this original screen print slogan on a small white canvas bags with handles. Bag is approximately 6" by 6" and is just the right size to carry your pocket tissues and 3 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer. These are reported to be a line of defense against the flu. Bag is large enough to carry medical face masks that fold flat. Wow, medical masks? Has it really come to that? I'm scared!

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