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Monday, October 5, 2009

1800 Dentist

This morning I was contacted by a woman named Haven who works for 1800 Dentist. She was reaching out to me to let me know about a giveaway that their site is doing so I figured I'd share it with all my readers since although it's not handmade it really is. I mean obviously dentistry is done by hand right? It's a work of art all in itself!

1-800-Dentist is running a $30,000 smile makeover contest through November 10th. To enter, simply tell your audience, family and friends to create a short video describing what’s wrong with their smile and how it affects their lives and upload it to www.1800dentist.com/my-smile-bites.

This contest gives hope to people who can’t afford dental care, especially during these tough times. Just think: A smile makeover could help someone feel more confident. It could literally change someone’s life, and it wouldn’t cost anything. Check out the link, I had to do all I could to stop myself from tearing up.

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