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Friday, September 11, 2009


I've been walking around an empty house all morning making sure that all the last minute stuff is packed. The moving truck will be here at 5 p.m. tonight and the movers at 9 a.m. I leave 1st thing Sunday morning and should be arriving in Washington State Monday evening. No blog updates today unfortunately. I have a million and and a half things to do. I'll be back Tuesday!

Stay tuned Monday for a new giveaway and don't forget to enter the current one going on now from SBS Teas.

Now, most importantly I want to give a big huge shout out to my right hand gal Ricki who's getting married this weekend! Congrats sweetie! May everything be amazing and full of love for the rest of your life time.


Ricki said...

Thanks for the warm wishes (as you have probably guessed, I will not be posting next week). Good luck on your move!

bamber said...

congrats Ricki!

Ricki said...