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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

McFlashpants in the Box!

I was opening my TLBB in front of my fiancé, listening to him complain about the fact that I already have too much smelly crap. However, he was interested when I pulled out the ad for McFlashpants (maybe simply because it did not smell girly). After I pulled out the sample from them, which we both immediately thought would be a great business card holder (it is actually listed as a Soap Holder), he began hedging that he wanted it by asking me if I was going to put my business cards in it and then saying that I needed to give some of my stuff away. I gave in and gave it to him, and now it is sitting on his desk at work.


The Handmade Guru said...

I adore McFlashpants! I'm seriously impressed with the stuff they sent in and even have one of the spoons as a business card holder on my desk. It's a great story to tell people when they ask where I got it too.

Rosanne said...

I thought it was a business card holder too!! I had no idea that it was a soap holder. Good to know. (Although, I guess I CAN use it as a card holder if I want to!)

The Handmade Guru said...

I guess the good thing is that at least people knew what it was and didn't just look at it and and wondering why they got a bent up spoon. LOL!

Ricki said...

It also mentions on the item description that it can be a recipe holder which I think would be too cute.