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Friday, September 18, 2009

Givin' Me Lip

Most recently I decided that when I'm doing my reviews here I need to do honest, ethical reviews because that's what I would want done for me. When I try a product that I've either purchased or been sent for review I don't want to sugar coat it any longer because I need to be able to stand by what I mean and who I am.

A couple of weeks ago I was suggested to try Givin' Me Lip over on Etsy. I hopped right on over there and it was almost love at first sight. I instantly wanted all of these two layer lip balms. I just didn't want them a little bit I wanted them a lot! Yeah, money is tight but it cost me a grand total of like $4.50 w/ shipping to get the cute balm to me. Expensive? Sure, but it's handmade and worth it! With my move I had it sent to Washington and thank goodness I did. When it arrive the entire center of the balm had liquidized and was in the lid of the balm. I was crushed! Now now, I went immediately to the business and let them know what had happened because that's the polite and proper way to handle things. Correct? I don't know why the balm did this. It wasn't the heat. It wasn't the packaging. The packaging was amazing. It just did. It was a fluke I'm sure but the response from the company was that they don't have control over what happens when their products leave their hands and offered their apology then left it at that.

I was pretty taken back by this. Here I am sitting here with a broken lip balm. Yeah, they didn't do anything wrong but neither did I. It was a fluke and I would have wished that a replacement balm was offered instead. I'm still wowing as I read the response over and over to make sure that I'm explaining the situation carefully and correctly.

I'm not sure why I feel bad writing this. I feel bad for writing the truth? It's one of those sticky subjects where I can't be sunshine and rainbows every single day. I need to let my faithful readers know about all my experiences bad or good.

The good part of this entry is that the chapstick was packaged beautifully and it smelled incredible, but darn it. I want one that's not broken!


Ricki said...

It always leaves me a with a bad taste in my mouth when a product arrives damaged in some way and the company does not offer any recompensation. I know money is tight for etailers, too, but resending something that arrived less than par is a great way to get repeat costumers if your product really is good. And not replacing it is a great way to ensure that you will not get that customer's business again.

The Handmade Guru said...

I agree Ricki! Heck, I have stuff that goes missing or arrives broken and if I'm contacted I feel terrible and send out a replacement right away. I know that not everyone operates the same way but I would have been a customer for life if this wouldn't have happened.

Coqui Ainjelfire said...

It's always hard to say something negative, but letting people know what they need to know is important. It also lends credence to the reviews that ARE all sunshine and happiness. I'm sorry your lip balm was messed up. Word of mouth is always the most important thing for any retailer, and especially small hand-made operations. I have found most of my favorite sellers through other people (including you!). Don't feel bad, plus I have a few people whose lip balms I can recommend if you're interested. :)

The Handmade Guru said...

I appreciate what you've said. It was one of those things were I was nervous to hurt someone's feelings or perhaps have handmade artists think that I want to put down others. I don't.

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I checked out her site. The flavors sound really yummy, and they are different than all the normal lip balm flavors. Her sugar scrub prices aren't bad either.