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Friday, September 25, 2009

A Flair For Paper

Am I the only one around here totally stoked for Halloween? It's on a Saturday this year and with my new found singledom I plan on going big. Not sure yet what I'm going to be but it's go to be amazing. If I know my friend Toni right she'll be having something fabulous at her place and if it's not at her place it'll be somewhere local for sure.

I found this awesome invite cards that are just perfect for the perfect Halloween celebration from A Flair for Paper. Each invite set includes 10 cards so you might want to double or triple up if you're having a big party. Couples would obviously only need 1 card so you're saving cards doing it that way.

So jealous! I want a Halloween party of my own! Thankfully I have the best friends that will invite me to their own.

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