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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I think every once in awhile I'm going to start doing little updates about me. I need to have more a voice here besides the one that I offer my beloved handmade community.

There's a few exciting things going on with me... as if you haven't noticed. First, I'm moving back to Seattle on the 13th of September. I flew my boys ahead and they are staying with their grandmother so that they can start school tomorrow and not stick out like a sore thumb arriving 2 weeks into school. I'll be following in a moving truck. 1600 miles. Woo! Because I'm moving my entire house is under construction so it seems. I donated many bags of clothing and house hold items to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Out with the old in with the new as they like to say.

Also, for the past year I've been following the MomDot.com community. If you haven't heard of it you really should. It's a community of mostly women bloggers who are also mostly moms that have a heart and soul of gold. Their leader, Trisha Haas, is just about as sweet as can be and recently asked for for new admin applications so help grow her community. I jumped at the chance to do this and we should be finding out anytime soon who she has picked.

I'm not sure I've ever wanted something so badly. My life completely fell apart this year. My businesses and my children were the only things spared and the economy is doing quite a nice job of taking the businesses with it. Thankfully I have the drive to keep pushing. I've been pushing since 2005 when Whiff and Sniff Candles opened and I'm not going to let anything get in the way. I want this admin position so badly I can taste it. It would fit in perfectly with my new life and my new outlook. I want to be part of something bigger then me. I crave opportunity and have for some time. I hope with all my might that I'm picked for this and that I prove to be exactly what the site needs to grow. Wish me luck!

Other then all that, I've learned more about myself as a woman and mother then I ever thought I could in two years. I'm learning to love myself. I've learned that I need to love myself and that a man won't fill a void. I need to be happy with myself before stepping foot into another relationship. I want peace and happiness just like the rest of you and hopefully with all these life changes my fresh start is right around the corner.


Ricki said...

You're moving the day after my wedding. Best of luck! I hope you get the admin position - sounds cool.

The Handmade Guru said...

I didn't know there was a wedding coming up!!

What's the new last name?!

Ricki said...

New last name is going to be MC-Dunn.