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Friday, September 18, 2009

Dog Dazzle

My brother has this beautiful pitbull named Sabbath that he had to leave with my mother when he moved to Arizona earlier this year. Yeah, we've all had the Arizona bug at one point in our life.

Sabbath is truly the coolest most loving dog but he needs some bling. My cat Coco was spoiled with all the kitty stuff that I would purchase for her so I think it's only polite to get Sabbath some spiffy new stuff too!

At Dog Dazzle you'll find high quality, strong, handcrafted dog collars. Sabbath is all boy so I think it's only right for him to own The Tailgater, don't you? It's made from sturdy, heavy weight nylon webbing covered with football print grosgrain ribbon. It is 1" wide and expands from 14" to 20.5".

Great shop!

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