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Monday, September 21, 2009

Alla-mano Creations

I know that many of you are big time owl fans so I figure that this morning I'd take a little time to feature some owl goodness from Alla-mano Creations.

These little owls earrings are truly adorable. I think they'd go with most anything you wear. I wish the designer had included the size that they are because I'm not sure if they are large or tiny. These are little things that businesses should always include in their product descriptions because if I was going to go purchase these I would have to take the time to email for more info and by then I may have changed my mind.

Major props to the artist for being from Seattle. Love my hometown peeps!


AngelTree Gems said...

Based on the relative size of the ear hooks, I would guess that these are pretty tiny.

The Handmade Guru said...

Thanks for the tip! I can never tell with these things!

C.Sarah said...

These are adorable! I do wish there weren't so tiny though

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I have a friend who would love these.