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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things That Make Scents

This is the life. Just finished my vanilla Yoplait yogurt and I'm sipping on my iced tea while burning my new candle. I was spoiled rotten yesterday by a certain Janine at Things That Make Scents. You won't believe what she did!

For the past month I've been searching high and low for a black licorice candle. I'm a strange one and us strange ones stick together. I love the scent of anise, sue me! As most of you dry heave I'll carry on..

Anyhow, been searching all over and yesterday a box of promos arrived from Things That Make Scents and inside the box was a giant jar candle scented in black licorice. They call it "Black Cat". Be still my heart! I stopped dead in my tracks! I had been twittering about my hunt for a candle scented like this and she surprised me with one. I burned it for a bit last night and the throw is amazing both hot and cold. I also just lit it a bit ago and it's really stinking up my office. A good stink, got to clarify!

Thank you so much Things That Make Scents! You'll also find them participating in the August Little Black Box. Purchase one for your very own sample from this awesome company.

1 comment:

Ricki said...

Black Cat is a great scent. I really love her cupcake candles - so cute!