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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Suggestions For The Little Black Box!

I can't believe we're already in the middle of August! Where did the year go? Next months starts the beginning of the handmade advertising season for the holiday shopping season. I've been blessed with meeting so many new and amazing businesses over the past 2 and a half years and I'd love to listen to you guys now and see if there's any business in particular you'd like me to extend an invite to for participation this holiday season.

It's been awhile since I've extended personal invites, but I feel like if the participants know that there's actual customers out there that want to see samples of their products that they'd be more inclined to join us. I'm not one for spam messaging as I've done that before and it didn't get me anywhere. I would however, send messages to businesses if I feel that them being in the boxes would benefit them because of your interest in purchasing.

So let me know who you'd like me to invite! I know particularly that many of you are still very interested in bath and body products and that those go over very well in the boxes. Are there any new businesses that you've been hearing about and dying to try. Let me know! I'm sure there's a hidden gem that I've possibly never even heard of!


Ricki said...

I would love to see some make-up! My favorites are:
Allure by Jen (on etsy)
J. Lynne
The She Space
Funky Monkey Cosmetics (on etsy)
Mixology Makeup (on etsy)
Korisma (on etsy)

Lara said...

Some I would like to see in future boxes:
Magic Hands (website and on etsy)
Lathers and Lights
Bathed & Infused
The Herb Garden
For the Luv of JAM
The Coconut Hut
Lumiere cosmetics
The Crows Nest
wickedCrow (on etsy)
Candle dippers
Cozy moments (etsy)
Flower moon soaps
daisy girl bath and body
Luna Blue
bovine bubbles & hogwash
Charming Sam jewelry
Return to Eden cosmetics
Archetype cosmetics
Adorned with Grace Minerals
Fyrinnae Cosmetics
Meow Cosmetics
Kikko Soapworks (on etsy)
Crystalwood (on etsy)
SpaGoddess (on etsy)
lifeamulets (on etsy)
emmysorganics (on etsy)
WhisperingWindzFarms (on etsy)
SkinJourney (on etsy)
Motherhues (on etsy)
Backtoearth (on etsy)
Joyful girl Natural (website and on etsy)
CBEssentials (on etsy)
flameworks (on etsy)
tamaras herbes

Ricki said...

I have to second Lathers & Lights. I order from her regularly and love her stuff. She always includes a ton of sample packets, so I am sure she would be up for being in a sample box.

Ricki said...

OMG! I have been wanting to try Orglamix so I am super excited they are in August's box! I was going to suggest them here since I have been eyeing them for some time, but didn't.