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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Labyrinth Vintage

I opened up Etsy today to head towards my favorites and right on the front page was this amazing spoon bracelet that I needed to take another peek at.

I opened it up and it was practically love at first sight. I keep trying to talk myself into making purchases lately but I can't with my move and all. I must stick strongly to a budget and not give into all my shopping cravings. That doesn't mean I can't enable yours though! Let's see new laptop or wonderful spoon bracelet? Laptop wins!

The bracelet is from Labyrinth Vintage. It's inspired from a Japanese comic in which one girl in the story used her mental power to bend the spoon. J'dore!


Ricki said...

There was a guy at college who would make these out of the cafeteria's silverware. This definitely looks to be better quality.

The Handmade Guru said...

Yeah, it's such a neat bracelet. I want one so badly!